hard won.

hard won!
my diploma finally arrived today! seems i graduated with honors! how nice.

i actually almost shed a tear at the sight of it, as i pondered (and shuddered at) the actual cost of that piece of paper, not to mention all the mental and physical stress and whatnot i went through to get it! *groan*

however, the diploma did arrive a bit wrinkled! i blame both the new school (who are notoriously negligent in things of an administrative nature), and also our local post office…they do not have a very good track record when it comes to all things mail. *sigh* but it’s here, and for that i’m thankful.

i must also admit: i miss being around people, learning, and having something significant to do. yes, i need a JOB. 🙂 that will be one of my major tasks once i get to san francisco (one month until the big move). i’m truly yearning to get out there and work and do something with myself professionally…whatever that is. working for someone, working anywhere, working for myself, etc. making money and paying back what i owe, saving for the future.

things in our apartment are in a state of disarray at the moment, as the process of sorting through our things and doing a little packing has already commenced. i’m ready and eager to get out there, to california, and to get settled, and to start the next part of the journey…


  1. Jenny

    Congratulations! Wow you have a month off. That’s nice. Summer vacation! Too bad we won’t be going to L.A. Hopefully next time! 🙂

  2. tricia

    technically it’s not really a month “off,” as i’ll be packing and taking the cats to the vet and bringing crap to thrift stores, on and on ad nauseum…

  3. amy

    Shoot I’m already shedding a tear for the diploma I will receive sometime in early September, I believe.

    good luck in San Fran!

  4. Kaci Head

    Congrats, what an accomplishment.

    If you had to do it all over again would you still choose Parsons? What about FIT? I’m applying to both and really don’t know which to choose.

  5. tricia


    i applied to both FIT and to parsons, for fashion design. FIT denied me for fashion design, but parsons accepted me for fashion design. i actually went back and forced FIT to accept me into their patternmaking program. i was like, “HELLO, i was a straight A art student in my undergrad. i’m serious about this. so reconsider me, you jerks!” in the end i went with parsons because at the time, i thought that would be a better track. i’m not sure about that now, as patternmaking is actually a really, REALLY good area of study, that actually can allegedly pay higher than fashion design in some cases (so i have heard…not sure if it’s true).

    but it’s all 20/20 hindsight now. i suppose FIT would have been better in some ways, number one, it’s cheaper than parsons, because it’s a state school. but it seemed to me that being a public school, FIT is more competitive. everyone wants to go there. so it was MUCH more difficult to get in. and they do have some nice things that parsons does not, like an awesome knitwear program which i would cut my left foot off to have access to.

    in the end, i wish i would have learned more at parsons and would not have had to deal with some of their bullshit, but then again, i did learn a lot. i’m still reeling from graduation and still in a state of limbo at the moment personally and professionally, so it’s hard to say if it was a good choice in the end. and also, i didn’t GO to FIT, so i can’t really speak to whether it’s “better” or not.

    sometimes i wonder if i just bought a really expensive piece of paper (see above photo). parsons costs $30k a year currently, and i believe FIT is about a 1/3 of that.

    i have heard that some people in the official fashion industry favor parsons grads, but i am not convinced that that is true.

    i’d suggest going to both and looking around and then making a decision.

  6. laura/2eck

    aww tricia,
    congratulations! i wish you the best for your future and i hope everything will work out fine.
    lots of love!

  7. Danielle

    $30k for one year? Just tuition? That’s insane!

    Reminds me I have to go get mine framed too. Mine wasn’t with a “name” school in a world capital though, and cost me about $24k CAN in tuition for four years. It had it’s issues too.

    Still, going through the process was an enlightening experience and I grew a lot as a human being. School is just a mixed bag for everyone.

    You have an innate talent and I have no doubt that you will go far irregardless of where you went to school. Perserverence and an ability to put yourself out there will serve you better than a name on a piece of paper. You’ve got all that AND the piece of paper.

    Now that I’m finally beginning to get busier and make some money, I look at the opportunities I’ve had so far and almost all of them had nothing to do with having a degree, or a resume, or anything but networking, blogging, and getting in touch with people. I think you will find that opportunity will find you, so don’t stress about work, concentrate on moving and enjoy your time off, and have fun meeting all the fashionophiles in SF when you get there =)

  8. tricia

    danielle: i’m sure you can do the math to find out how much it costs the bachelors degree students. sick, isn’t it? i always felt like a pauper in a prince’s world while attending school there, mostly due to the financial status of the student body, and my relative lack of family/personal fundage.

    i feel like i need to do SOMETHING to make up for that enormous debt, which is one (of many) reason(s) i’m looking forward to *getting out there already*. any job will help pay back that debt…i’d like it to be a fashion-related one, but that remains to be seen.