wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week.

it’s been a couple weeks since i have posted some of the latest and greatest from wardrobe_remix. i’ve been busy! but, clearly, so have these seven wardrobe_remix(ers): they are working hard staying cool in this ridiculous summer heat! 😀

lucky olive:
July 20 2006


what i wore 180706

think for yourself. think for yourself.

wardrobe_remix 23 july.


as always, it’s extremely hard to pick just a few to highlight! there are so many stylish, amazing folks over there at wardrobe_remix. it makes me so proud! *sheds a tear*


  1. Victoria E

    As usual, these girls impress me. Now that I’ve been getting more info thrifty shopping, hopefully I’ll be confident enough to post my own shots soon

  2. tricia

    victoria: wardrobe_remix is not just about thrifty shopping, it’s about putting together what you have in your closet (wherever that happens to be from) in a creative way and having great personal style. i just wanted to make that clear. that said, the pictures that i usually love and post tend to feature people who wear vintage creatively, but that’s not the intention behind the group in general. 🙂

  3. tricia

    karra: it does have an RSS feed.

    if you go to this page:

    and scroll down toward the bottom, you will see a link to subscribe to the RSS feed.

    in my browser (safari) there is a blue RSS button that appears in the web address area that is clickable and helps you to know whether a page has an RSS feed. i am not sure that all browers have that…

  4. Deborah

    As always what beautiful girls,sense of styles and where do they always get those fantastic back drops?!There are some seriouse quality photos in there!

  5. bethany

    I’m so chuffed that my first post made pick of the week! ^_^ I’m in good company amongst the other 6 girls. I especially love lucky olives dress.

  6. Melissa

    Aw, I’m flattered!! The community has gone a long way in making me put more thought into dressing each day – something easy to forget about these days. So, thank you! I feel better because of it.