cogs of my style, part deux

as promised in my previous post on the cogs of my style, some bonus cogs!

cogs of my style, part deux

1. my marc by marc jacobs trench. this was the one i was talking about in the previous post. i put it on penelope so that you could see it’s details a bit better. i paid a decent amount of money for it, but in this case, i felt it was justified. it is something i rarely do when it comes to fashion items, and only when they are really special and something i know i’ll wear again and again. this is, again, one of my favorite pieces in my closet.
2. my miss sixty skinny jeans. i bought these back when skinny jeans were ridiculously hard to find (as opposed to now, when they are finally everywhere!) back in summer/fall 2004, if i’m not mistaken. they are part of my personal “uniform” in the colder months. i wear them under skirts, dresses, with sweaters, blouses, everything. worth every single solitary cent of what i paid for them. they make me feel thin, aren’t too low-waisted, the denim is of nice quality, and is stretchy and forgiving.
3. green lucite alexis bittar cocktail ring, giant brown glass & gold clip-ons, and gold bangle. i can always, always, always find an excuse to wear any of these.
4. black leather corset belt. this was a thrift store find from florida, before i moved to NYC, probably in 2002 or 2003. i wasn’t sure about it at the time, but i have found it to be one of the accessories in my closet that seems to go with everything and that i have come to love unequivocally.


looking at these photos and my own personal wardrobe_remix set, i have noticed that yes, i do favor bright colors as a rule, BUT i also tone them down and mix them up with neutrals, like tan, brown and black, which i feel keeps things under control yet interesting. also, it’s quite clear that my favorite items to wear tend to be ones i found secondhand, ones that i made, or special designer pieces. i like the idea of wearing something that cost me next to nothing, with something interesting that i paid a little more for. i’ve loved many of these pieces for years. additionally, if something is sort of trendy at the moment and i happen to like it, i often look for something that approximates it secondhand. most designers working today reference vintage items for inspiration, so if you like it, why not go straight to the source and cut out the overpriced middleman or middlewoman? 😀


  1. kelly

    hey there tricia! i love your new home (and my new ability to comment! yeah!). so excited to see the new directions you are taking your blog in….you are a constant source of inspiration.

    i’m also loving these cogs of style posts by you and susie! you both have amazing taste!

    one of these days i’ve got to get off my behind and join wardrobe remix.

  2. tamera

    looking at how well all your WR photos go together, i realize i have ABSOLUTELY NO DEFINING STYLE. oops. maybe i should do this in order to weed out all the nonsense i buy on a whim.

    this is an interesting exercise, though!!! i love seeing all your bright colors 😀

  3. tricia

    tamera: i think you do, maybe you just can’t see it until you kind of look at them all together. once i started looking through my shots i started seeing trends among the pieces i have, and what i tend to favor most, and it really made a whole lot more sense as a whole and sort of fell together in a sensical way.

  4. tovi

    tricia thats what happens when i post before i read!!!
    blue cluth
    black belt
    what the diffrence?…..
    silly me 🙂

  5. Cara Mia

    hey t,
    this is short notice, and you may already know about this but-I found this on Gothamist today, in case you are interested:

    Pencil This In
    FASHION: This is an early one, fashionistas. The Brooklyn Public Library is hosting a round table discussion today on Fashion and Beauty trends. Come. Learn. Be pretty.
    3:30pm // Central Library at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn // Free