waiting at my subway stop with pete, getting ready to head into the city for paella and sangria with my good friends linda, and aaron.

-bright orange vintage mexican embroidered dress that i shortened and restyled: from the flea market @ the corner of ave. A and 11th street, manhattan, only $10!
-gold stretchy belt: thrifted in florida
-gold peeptoe wedges: bruno magli
-patchwork-look needlepoint bag: thrifted in florida
-giant brown sunglasses: beacon’s closet
-gold bangle: thrifted in florida
-red opaque plastic grandma earrings: thrifted in florida
-gold elgin watch: inherited by pete from his grandfather
-gold necklace with crystal heart: given to me by a work friend over 10 years ago. one of his family friends was ill and in a nursing home and had very little family, and he inherited her jewelry. he let me paw through her collection when i was young and very poor and let me take anything i wanted, knowing how much i loved vintage jewelry. he knew i would love and appreciate her things. it was very touching of him to let me do that.


  1. Rachel

    Wow, that’s even more gorgeous up close. Great job on the restyling–I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for Mexican folk dresses now.

  2. tricia

    rachel: just to let you know about that mexican dress: it’s different than most i have run across in my days…very very wide because a lot of fabric is gathered just above the bust, and that makes it very wide and able to bell out like it does at the bottom. others i have seen are more straight up and down like a shift dress/big rectangle.

    so i don’t know how easy it would be to find one like this…it’s the only one i’ve seen that is that shape (so far).