back to the old-school wardrobe_remix shots in the hallway outside my apartment! off to go to the post office, and go thrift shopping. found a few gems (including an awesome knitting book of british sweater designs from 1982!).

! i got a LOT of looks from people concerning this outfit. very amusing! i feel really confident in it, though.

-tiny acid wash levi’s jacket: thrifted in florida. i probably wear this a little TOO often, but it’s my signature piece at the moment.
-tunic length tanktop: american apparel
-acid wash skirt: beacon’s closet. someone hacked it off with scissors. i like it like that so it’s staying that way.
-white rhinestone and studded leather 80s belt: thrifted in florida
-chartreuse green button grandma earrings: urban outfitters years and years ago
-patchwork-look needlepoint tote: thrifted in florida
-white peeptoe flats with green and red trim and a rainbow ribbon across the top: killah, found for £10 at a miss sixty sample sale off brick lane, london, last summer.


  1. ally

    Did you find a Starmore book? What is the title of the book– I must know!

    You are the acid wash queen. So awesome.