on my way to one of our favorite thai resturants, that happens to be in the theater district/near 42nd/broadway. thought it would be humourous to do the cheesy tourist shot, as an homage to my leaving this great town. normally i avoid 42nd street like the plague!

-kimono sleeve tee: old navy
-grey skinny jeans: old navy
– tan vintage yves st. laurent heels: thrifted in florida for $3 (!!!)
-gold cresent necklace: beacon’s closet
-grey snakeskin earrings: thrifted
-labardorite cocktail ring: NY adorned (tattoo/piercing jewelry store in the east village/LES where i got my tattoo done in march)


and now, for random strangers! a new thing in this blog!

streets #1

my first ever street fashion shot.

i saw this nice looking guy waiting for the L train this evening and thought he was rather cool, casual and stylish in his plaid pants. vintage, perhaps? i also loved his neatly kept dreads and the way he layered his shirts. so great to see guys really make an effort with their personal style.

from here on out i’d like to tote along a little tape recorder or pad to get their information and also want to give them business cards. basically, i’m going to make this a regular thing in the blog…

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  1. Jessica

    you look hot in that pic tricia! it’s a good pic to bid farewell to nyc. 😦 but, who’s to say you won’t be back in the future right?

  2. Ashley

    Your picture is so fantastic. I love how there’s almost a halo of no one around you– very glamorous and starlet-esque.

    And your street fashion pic happens to be horribly & incredibly attractive, as well as well-dressed!

  3. birdie

    you look lovely in that pic! is your favorite thai restaurant pongsri? i love the location in chinatown as well. too bad you’re leaving new york, i’ve always wanted to befriend you! i actually live in bushwick off the morgan stop, am a fashion designer (went to FIT and specialized in knitwear, and got to use those ginormous knitting machines everyday), and i remember reading awhile back that you interned at ICR dethkillers (RIP). i used to be the publicist in a showroom that repped them! i’ve always read your journal, but didn’t start to comment until you moved your blog here. plus i’m shy! have a safe trip to san francisco, you’ll love it there πŸ™‚

  4. tricia

    birdie: you should have said hello sooner, living so close! i am really shy too, actually.

    i’m so envious that you were able to study knitwear at FIT…that was my dream…i feel like my degree @ parsons may not have been the way to go, but 20/20 hindsight, right? they have such a great knitwear lab over there at FIT! i’m envious of your life in general…i’ve yet to find my way/become gainfully employed!

    yes, we were at pongsri! πŸ˜›

  5. melissa

    love your stance–it’s very “i’m going to take over the world” which is perfect for the journey you’re about to make!

  6. tricia

    kristin: i have my husband to thank for that shot. πŸ™‚ i may just take you up on your offer once i’m out there! πŸ™‚

  7. ToveB

    Great photos, both of them! 42nd St is horrible. I was in NYC in June and “by mistake” ended up at Times Square – PANIC! People everywhere, noise and just chaos. Urgh.

  8. Kristina

    Ha! You make Old Navy look so effortlessly fashionista! Hmmm… I might have to swing by there. These days, it’s about all I can afford besides thrift.

  9. birdie

    agreed that FIT has an amazing knitwear lab, but for me, i regret going to FIT instead of Parsons! hehehe πŸ™‚ although it was a great technical school and taught me precision and practicality, my creativity was squandered. after spending 4 years there, i have a fashion design bfa from there, as well as a fabric styling degree.

    you are so talented and creative, you will have no problem finding a place to work that is deserving of you! it’s hard in fashion, you’re either “too young and inexperienced” or “too old and over the hill”. at the age of 25, in every job interview i’ve been on in the industry, i hear both! very frustrating.

    happy travels and i wish i had the nerve to say hello while we were neighbors!


  10. Kimberly

    I may have to swing by old navy just because of those jeans! I wish I had put in the effort to meet you while we lived so close, damn my shyness! I am looking forward to your street fashion segment of the blog! Which reminds me that I will be starting school soon which means actually looking nice (as opposed to my teaching gymnastics uniform of yoga pants and t-shirts) watch for me in wardrobe remix! Good luck with the move to SF!

  11. Amber

    There’s an article on Cocktail Rings in the latest Blueprint Mag that made me think of you! There are a ton of indulgent ones and then some really good ideas for making your own DIY style. I liked it.