california girl.

as of this afternoon, i’m a (san francisco) california resident, after a nearly six hour flight.
i’m not sure what to make of this yet. will report back later concerning this matter.

i already miss nyc and lots of people there (and shoot, everywhere else i’ve moved from, while i am at it).
had a big crying jag saturday evening about leaving NYC, as it started to rain, after drinking more than my fair share of belgian and german beers (with my love pete and friends nicole and aaron) and i also did some drunk bicycling around manhattan in high heeled boots. that was rather dangerous (i know) but fun.

(photo by nicole fineman…don’t hate me for stealing it, nicole!)


on to matters of street fashion:
streets #3, nicole
my good friend nicole (the photographer of the photo above and friend mentioned above), looking sassy, just outside of my favorite belgian beer bar (“vol de nuit”) in the west village, NYC. love how she paired the black and metallic gold paint-splattered-look jacket with the white tee with metallic gold cats. totally fresh and cute.

if ye are of nappy, natural hair or admire such hair, check out her afro fabulous community, nappy co!:

and…another quick and dirty street shot:

streets #2

interesting deconstructed texture and rainbow of colors on this gal’s skirt. quickly snapped in union square.

i’m not at all over the moon about the rest of the outfit…not sure i would wear that long of a skirt myself, or pair it with those particular pieces, but that’s what personal style is about…”right” or “wrong”

anyway, love the texture and mixture of colors, and would love to maybe fool around with that and incorporate into some of my own designs in a more controlled, modern manner, in perhaps tighter color schemes or in certain areas (within a yoke, a pocket, and the like) or on a skirt or dress in a completely different shape. that sort of thing.

Tucci Blume interrassisch GeschlechtLesben NackedGranny fucking Fettteen Russisch Minderjährigepic Mädchen Bilder nackt Minderjährigepissing Frauen BehaarteMädchen tity Ebony BigAmateur-Swap-Fraufuckers Dildolaktierenden Brüste die Männer, saugen


  1. tamera

    i’m going to try to meet up with some people at bar tartine thursday to celebrate my last day of work, you and peter should come!! will email you about it when i knnow more!!

  2. Victoria E

    Woohoo – a bit welcome to the city! It took me a little bit of time to adjust when I got here from NYC, but you will find lots of things to love. We should have lunch sometime 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Hey, welcome to San Francisco!
    If you need any fabric store and/or thrift store recommendations, let me know–I’ve found some great resources since I moved here.

  4. tricia

    tamera: that could be fun! yes, please let me know.

    victoria: yes, perhaps we could meet up at some point.

    cheyenne: yes, i was liberated from my inhibitions, apparently! 😛

    rachel: i actually know about and have been to a lot of the thrifts here (especially down and around the mission and in the haight) but any further recommendations are certainly welcome. and fabric stores, yes please! the only one i have been to thus far is britex, and while that is nice, it’s also a tad too expensive in general! visits there will have to be a treat rather than a regular occurance. where are some other good fabric stores? i am actually really wanting some grey sweatshirt material ATM.

  5. stephanie s

    welcome to town! i would bawl hysterically too if i was leaving an abode in NYC. hope this city makes up for what you’re leaving behind…just sent you a longer email with fabric store recommendations (seemed ridiculously long to post it here…) 🙂

  6. Rachel

    I actually haven’t been to Britex yet–I keep hearing that they have lovely fabric but that it’s expensive, so I haven’t felt like tempting myself. I’m more of a thrifty type, and in line with that, my #1 favorite place to find fabric (and other random craft supplies) is SCRAP (
    If you’ve been over to Haight you probably already know about Mendels and Discount Fabrics, but there’s a little-known Discount Fabrics Warehouse over on 4th St ( I also like Fabric Outlet, right next door to Thrift Town in the Mission.

    To me, gray sweatshirt material sounds like the wonderful beginnings of a cozy fall dress–good luck with the search. What will you make when you find it?

  7. N A P P Y C O

    Thanks for the shoutout! Can’t wait to make it back out to San Fran now that you guys are there. But HEY! you forgot to take your weather with you!!! its been grey and rainyyyy :::-[*_*]-::: since you guys left.

  8. ally

    Hurray! I can see you loving SF and making it your own, as you did with NYC. I can’t wait to see what you discover!

  9. Jamie

    Hey Trish, glad to know you guys made it safe and sound. Too bad we couldn’t get together before you two left. “The cat’s in the cradle…” etc.. Even though we didn’t see each other that much, t was nice when we’d randomly bump into each other on the street, subway, LIFE cafe, and so on. THe building won’t be the same without you. Good luck, and stay in touch!

  10. Melissa

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear all about SF. And I’m sorry we never got a chance to meet up in NYC while you were there!

    Oh, make sure to go to the Hagiwara Tea Garden!

  11. Flounder

    Hey, Welcome to Cali, to Cali, to Cali. Welcome home to Cali…yeah

    I’ve got two of my best friends from LA (via gainesville but I didn’t know them then) moving to SF in a month or so and I’ll def be up there to visit soon.

    You and Pete are always welcome to come visit and stay with me in the Warmer Cali City.