apartment hunting clothes. found a great (no, TERRIFIC) place, but they don’t accept pets (we have 3 cats that we’ve had for almost a decade and will not give up). bastards.

-70s sunglasses: thrifted in jacksonville, florida last month when we were down there for pete’s sister’s wedding.
-gold tone/animal print square shaped clipon earrings: thrifted somewhere, sometime, along the line.
-tiny acid wash levi’s jacket: thrifted in jacksonville, florida
-beige rayon scarf: H&M
-acid green overdyed embroidered indian dress: brand new with tags, but thrifted at thrift town in SF’s mission yesterday
-orange ribbed tunic length tank (unseen/under dress): american apparel
-vintage levi’s skinny jeans: thrifted at the salvation army, e. 23rd street, manhattan
-beige vintage yves st. laurent heels: thrifted in jacksonville, florida last month
-that ubiqitous gold bag that i carry everywhere: marc by marc jacobs


finding a job is a concern.

too bad i can’t thrift for a living…i’m damn good at it.


  1. Ashley

    Wow, I’ve got to go thrifting in Jacksonville! Vintage Yves St. Laurent, that’s fantastic! The more I see your mini-denim jacket, the more I love it. But something about fall always makes me want to break my regular one out of the closet.

  2. Jessica

    as soon as i sent that comment i realized it might be in the wrong place! i haven’t been to the city for 4 years, what a shame! i need to get up there and shop. can you believe i’ve never even been to h&m yet?! i’ll let you know when i make it up there. 🙂

  3. Andrea

    You could totally thrift for a living, and run a kickass ebay store or some such. You have such a wide readership that you’d sell tons!

  4. ally

    GOD I miss thrift town something terrible. I kind of want to cry, I miss it so much.

    That dress just rocks. The color is amazing.

    I knew this was SF just because of the light. Man, a part of me will always love that city– like the guy who broke your heart but who you’d always go back to, you know?

    I’m so happy for you– You will find a place, but believe me I know the hell of apartment hunting in SF– chi drain, totally.

  5. tricia

    ashley: if you can believe it, those vintage YSL heels only cost $3! totally and completely insane. they were missing the heel taps…i took them to a cobbler before i left NYC and got new heel taps, and sole protectors, and they are like, the most perfect heels ever now. still only came out to about $30 total after the souping up by the cobbler. brand new YSL heels run about $500-700, so all things considered i made out pretty damn well!

    andrea: i just may do it. i was doing some selling a while back but school kept me too busy. now that i’m out here and jobless, i may just go for it…i wish i had a smaller chest…then i could model it all (sans face though, hahah!) like some of those gals out there do! my mannequin will have to do instead!

    ally: apartment hunting=chi draining, YES. whoboy, did you ever hit the nail on the head. this is totally insane. i just want to find something halfway decent. sick of living in crappy apartments or situations. still have lots more to check out. waiting for the right one to come along. i REALLY want a w/d for once. do you and M have one in your flat?

  6. Mallory

    I agree you probably could thrift for a living, considering what some of those vintage dresses on eBay end up selling for. Seeing the prices they go for makes me wish there was more good thrifting to be had in this area.

  7. jenne

    the cottage behind our flat right above the castro is for rent, it comes with a garden. email me ill send you the address and #.