wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

people have been joining wardrobe_remix like mad! i love it. not sure what’s bringing people there (if you know, tell me!), but i can’t complain.

thanks again to all that participate, and all who have helped make it grow. it would be nothing without *YOU*.

one tough thing about more people joining: it becomes increasingly difficult to pick just a few to show off to you each week! i suppose that’s not a bad thing, whatsoever! so i’ve included a few more than usual this week.

Fancy Friday

swiss army knife:
outfit 290806

wardrobe remix - 31 august 2006


jungle dream pagoda:
What I wore today

wear my stuff:
Wardrobe remix 07/09

September 7th

as always, click on any photo to view each W_R‘s details and commentaries concerning their outfits, and to view their photostreams.

viva la flickr!


  1. Ashley

    It’s funny that four of the girls have on leggings/footless tights & flats. Which is a great look. But I find myself amused by it, nonetheless.

  2. tricia

    haha, i know! it’s the thing lately. i’ll admit that sometimes i don’t even notice them when people are wearing them…i get mesmorized by their dresses/skirts/whatever! 😛

    and now that i think of it, i don’t think they are such a bad thing, in general (not that you said they were, hehe). i mean, they make thr wearing of dresses and skirts in cooler climes/temps more practical (keep you warm, add another layer, stand in for tights, allow you to wear a shorter garment and not feel “nekkid”, that sort of thing)…

  3. Casey

    I’ll tell you why I joined and keep checking it (at least twice a day!) is because there are so many inspiring outfits being posted! I get so many great ideas and have started trying to work them into my wardrobe. I just love Wardrobe Remix…

  4. tricia

    casey (or anyone else reading for that matter): you can actually subscribe to “wardrobe_remix” via an RSS feed! if you go to the pool, you’ll see an RSS symbol somewhere in the address field (at least, i can see one on mine, and i use “safari”). click it to add to your RSS feed aggrigator/reader, if you have one (i use a program called “newsfire” to read blogs and other RSS feeds i subscribe to). also, i think there is a link on the flickr page somewhere that does the same thing.

  5. Casey

    Thanks, Tricia–I’ll have to check that out!! 😀 (I’m such a LiveJournal girl; I have yet to really move into the realm of feed-readers! 😉