the contents of my brain.

what’s inspiring me, what’s occupying me:

dress over jeans
i could give a crap if dresses over jeans are “in” or “out”. such things are irrelevant to me. i love the easy, relaxed, wrinkled look worn by this japanese gal. everything is perfect: the voluminousness of her dress, the tears on her jeans, the beachy, faded vintage necklace, everything.


charcoal feather and fan
a scarf i’m working on at the moment. feather and fan stitch in a very *now* charcoal-hued wool. i can’t stop working on it. i want to make this this in a myriad of colors.


some old sketches
some old sketches. more ruffles. you can see my notes about inspirations stenciled to the side: afro-centrism (the beauty of people of african origin and their style), the 18th century, the sixties and seventies, and the ruffles themselves. these frocks might be interesting in busy, african fabric, i’m thinking. i’m STILL waiting on my sewing machine and tools…*sigh*


california sky.
thinking about how i’m actually in california. sometimes i feel as if i moved to another planet, or at least another country. still trying to figure out what i want to do and how i want to do it, and how that will work in this golden state. where i stand and how i’ll fit in or stand out.


  1. klynnnn

    The ruffles design reminds me of something I saw today, and left behind because it wasn’t me, the Salvation Army thrift shop had two vintage collars (both alike) that still had their original tags on them … they were white ruffles with black trim, similar in design to a ruffled tuxedo shirt and they clipped around the neck with a hook and eye… if you’re interested in all let me know and if they’re open Monday when I’m off, I’ll run by to see if they are still there