wardrobe_remix(ers) o

a little late with this, yes. but i’ve been moving. i’m still moving.

(but also, i’m: drinking lots of pints. and walking up enormously high hills. and watching the fog roll in. and doing a little work, or something like it.)


 wardrobe remix


i'm crossed eyed in this photo

tickle trunk:
i like fall!

as always, click on any photograph above to see more details about the photograph, and explore the flickr photostreams of any of these lovely wardrobe_remix(ers).

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  1. ambika

    That’s the great thing about these pictures. They make me reconsider things I wouldn’t have thought to wear myself; the knitted boots, the pleated skirt & the bright yellow heels all look great.

  2. Liisa-Maria

    Hey, it’s an honour to be included again! I like how you pick styles that are quite different from each other but all very cool!

  3. tricia

    eek: i have no clue.

    you’ll have to ask her yourself. click the photo and see her photostream/contact information and ask her.