it’s been a while, yes.

this outfit is east coast, west coast, and somewhere in between (in origin).

i was underdressed…it’s COLD here today, after weeks of lovely temperate weather. i could have used a sweater or some lovely long gloves to bridge the gaps on my arms.

-earrings: http://www.otterotto.com/ (donna soo makes the most amazing jewelry!)
-weird pinecone/silk scrap pin: thrift town, mission district, SF.
-tiny denim jacket: buffalo exchange, williamsburg, brooklyn.
-red-orange knit vintage dress: buffalo exchange, williamsburg, brooklyn.
-beige jersey scarf: american apparel (worn as belt)
-brown/tan cable knit tights: the sock man, st. mark’s place, east village, NYC.
-brown joan and david couture boots: thrifted @ goodwill, e. 23rd street, manhattan.

One comment

  1. Casey

    I really love how casual this outfit is, yet artsy! And there are those thrifted boots again!! 😀 I’m still on the hunt for a pair for myself… I’ve come close but no winnners yet…