on vibrating colors and combinations

i read this quote about color in the most recent issue of the home decorating magazine, domino (a monthly that i unabashedly ADORE), and i love it, so i’m passing it on to you:

The first thing to be said about color is that clashing colors do not exist. The whole idea of certain colors conflicting violently with others was nonsense dreamed up by a lot of genteel women in the 1930s. Colors do not clash–they vibrate…So do not be afraid to use color freely. Have courage. As with drawing, painting, acting or any creative activity, you must attack with strength.”
David Hicks
(interior design maverick of the 60s/70s)


(i practice what i preach.)


  1. Lisa-Gabrielle

    The quote is beautiful,but what I really wish to comment on is the pinecone brooch. It is so fabulously perfect for you! Sometimes I am amazed at how the perfect item ends up with the perfect person. Ah,the mysteries of the universe.

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