personal. obsessions.

silk noil 60s dress

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal visual obsessions.

sometimes, when one opens their eyes to certain things (like colors, shapes, motifs, and the like), suddenly it seems as if the object of our obsession is everywhere.

one of my obsessions is the juxtaposition of orange and green.

sometimes i feel like i am a little insane, being so obsessed with color! i often wonder if i seem freakish with my obsessions and experimentalism in this realm, dashing colors together with what must seem like abandon!

i keep falling in love with how colors look next to one another. i love to play.

often, i’ll just be sitting there, flipping through a magazine, watching tv, walking down the street, or making art (in the form of my sewing, knitting, whatever) and suddenly, i start to fixate and meditate/daydream about/on certain colors and combinations and i think about ways to experiment and test my color ideas.

lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about grey and orange, too! i love the idea of such a contrast: the blindingly bright against the neutral, and the disparity in the values.

at the moment, i’m also rather entranced by textures, or shapes, or patterns, such as:

-large bleach spots on denim
-felted wool
-the simplicity of smooth worsted wool knitted in stockinette, so all fashioning marks are seen (in knitwear), or really, in any stitch pattern.
-walnut or teak wood (that warm, medium tone of wood), but really any wood
-the glossiness of glass or sheen of some ceramic glazes
-the exotic, luxurious, varied feel and look of snakeskin
-the nubbly, flat look of needlepoint wool on needlepoint pillows
-the crinkly stiffness of linen
-patchwork anything. anything in a tiled format, or anything pieced together from somewhat disparate parts.


what colors or textures are you obsessed with?

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  1. Annika

    I, too, am obsessed with orange and green. I always like neutrals (especially grey) with color but it’s taken me a long time to like vivid colors more than muted ones. And felted wool! That one is a biggie. Oh, and cashmere – I just got a cashmere sweater at the thrift store and I can’t stop touching it. I am also obsessed with a knitted vest/poncho that an acquaintance was wearing. I sketched it and will try to recreate it. I dearly wish I had a knitting machine, though – with a five-month-old, knitting time is so dear that it would take me months and months to attempt knitting it once I make a pattern. I think I am also obsessed with knitting time (or the lack thereof).

  2. Ashley

    lately I’ve been going to one particular coffee shop because of the color scheme– I’m obsessed with green, purple and red put together (or any duo of the two). Recently I wore a purple dress and red shoes together and felt so happy with them on. I’ve been mentally planning a kelly green knit/fabric jumped that I’d love to coordinate with vibrant purple. Typically those three aren’t even “me” colors, but they’re my color obsession of the moment.

    Since you’ve mentioned wood, I’ve been actually fantasizing about decorating my bedroom in dark mahoganey (sp?) woods, and my living room in blondes (with orange, chocolate and blue).

  3. Jessee M

    i think about color combos all the time, i have a very neutral
    wardrobe, its all grey, black and white (with a few teal or green peices thrown in).
    but when im making necklace i love to experiment. my latest obessions have been neon orange and grey, ive made about 8 necklaces in those themes (and my house is all orange and grey). im also really loving dark vibrant purple, lavender and grey mixed. ooh, teal and purple looked good too.
    i love color, just not on myself. its also nice to know that its on peoples minds as much as mine.

  4. annalee

    it’s funny that you should mention grey and orange since that’s one of the pairs of colors i am most often seen wearing (especially considering that my favorite shoes are grey tweed with gold and orange accents).
    colors i am attracted to:
    -oranges (particularly rust and burnt orange)
    -blue (navy, indigo, and dodger blues)
    -neutrals (dark browns, black, grey and sometimes beige)
    -non-silver metallics (especially gold when it comes to accessories)
    -yellow gold
    textures i am attracted to:
    -worn in denim (no rips!)
    -patchwork on sweatshirts
    -chunky knits (especially basketweave stitch on scarves)
    -velour tops
    -silky neck scarves
    -deep brown wood earrings (not sure what type of wood)
    -layers of small gold chains

  5. Ashley

    Also, I was recently researching Robert and Sonia Delaunay, and was very struck by Sonia’s work. It actually reminded me of you– the way she used art in fashion so that it had movement, and the way they both used colors and shapes. Are you familiar with their work? Your mention of tiled/patched works reminded me of the quilt that she had made…

  6. Erica

    Right now, I am rediscovering purple, green and blue. Green is really speaking to me lately, and purple is just such a rich, fabulous and rare color for me, so I’m craving that as well. Blue has always been my favorite color but I left it alone for a while to explore other colors. Now it’s back.
    As for textures, I don’t know why but skin is in for me. All kinds of leather. Also wool! I just love how warm it is.

  7. Casey

    Frankly, I think its great that you’re so obsessed with color!! That’s what caught my eye about your blog in the first place and kept me reading it. Its such a huge departure from my color preferences… πŸ™‚

    Currently I’m obsessing about black and white. Boring, I know. πŸ˜‰ But somehow, my entire wardrobe ended up largely black and I’ve been playing with textures and patterns within those confines. Its a challenge! I’m also obsessing over orange (and to a lesser extent 1970s yellow gold). I can’t wear orange to save my life, so I’ve been using it in just about everything else. One of my friends this semester is obsessed with orange as well (even his hair is an orangey red!), so think that rubbed off on me. As for textures, anything with a predominant weave pattern is drawing my eye lately. I love things that are very tactile, that just beg for the viewer to reach out and touch it. I’ve been buying a lot of vintage sweater dresses for just this reason.

    High gloss is also catching my eye. Mostly in home decor though. Modern, simple pottery in robins egg blue or creamy white with a glossy finish are just so beautiful and inspire me. πŸ™‚

    Love the picture of the dress you included in this post. I really, really love the embroidery on the front! πŸ™‚

  8. geriann

    Oh Tricia – you always make me smile and feel as though I’m not alone in this world of beige! My current obsessions are olive green (or chartreuse) with tomato red and/or turquoise. I love mixing lots of color with black as a graphic element. My favorite accent color of the moment is probably red (I kinda use it as a neutral).

    Other textures that inspire me are woods from exotic lands, like seesram (I think it’s called that – it’s the carved stuff that they make trivets out of) from India and monkeypod from the Phillipines – something about the rich color and almost lack of grain…I am super groovin’ on textured polyester fabrics right now – talk about color combos – woohoo! I also love anything tiled or patterned (especially randomly) – both my kiddies have vintage patchwork quilts and we stare at them for hours.

    I am really pushing myself to expand the bounds of what I think works together – un-brainwash myself (if you will) about matching. I find that I am always drawn to bold colors and combos of said but when I go to put them together I am often stumped or hindered by my need to “match”. I am finding this especially challenging when making things – I struggle with an almost constant internal dialog about “matching”. I loved your quote from the other day about colors BTW – it helped me to think more freely.

    Thanks again for your loveliness and wonderful blog!

  9. Gina

    I check your blog regularly but rarely comment. I just want to say that I am always “wowwed” by your personal style. I love it.

  10. erin in burlingame

    i’ve always loved orange and green together – i even used those colors for my website background. my friend, who works in an art gallery saw my site and asked if i understood the color wheel. well… the nerve of some people!

    i’m currently obsessed with neck tie fabric and love the bold and daring color combinations going on in both vintage and contemporary ties. i’m new to wearing the color red, but ever since i bought my first pair of red shoes, i’m on the lookout for hip tops of red silk and jersey fabrics to go with my stylish vintage inspired shoes. red is so sassy!

    i think i’m moving out out of my “must buy more brown” phase, after finding both the ultimate sweater and pants. i still love to wear it, especially with teals and vibrant magentas. heck, brown looks great with every color! today, i’m breaking all of the rules and wearing brown and black together. with enough accessories and no other colors, this can be pulled off successfully, i swear. it’s all about inventing your own color wheel and taking it for a spin once in a while.

  11. Samantha

    I just decided yesterday with certainty that my absolute favorite colours to play with are, brown, grey, red (or burgandy), lime green, purple and gold.
    I’m sure if you ask me the same question next week it will change slightly, but subconsciously I always resort back to these beauties!

    Hightened colour awareness must be the sixth sense!

  12. hoyan

    I’m obsessed with…
    white crochet
    lamé with knitwear
    mustard yellow & maroon red
    black, grey, white & lemon yellow
    how to make watery silk not look like pyjamas
    and many, many more colors & textures!

    I have to remember that as long as we live by daylight, color remains important.