stuff! and things.

more things falling into place. i found the white vases shown here (on either side of the milkglass vase in the center) @ IKEA. they remind me a little of jonathan adler’s vases, which i unabashedly love. the orange rhinestones were a free gift from the bead guy @ san francisco’s general bead because he was happy to discover that i loved the color orange. so nice of him! i’m loving all these textures together: the shiny, the matte, the wood, the organic (the shell and the bit of quartz)…against the orange metal tray i thrifted several weeks ago:
stuff, close up

an illums bolighus candlestick holder i found yesterday @ a vintage furniture store in the mission:
yellow illums bolighus candlestick holder

a handmade needlepoint tote i recently won off of ebay. i have been ridiculously obsessed with anything needlepoint lately. i have always wanted one of these needlepoint totes, for as long as i can remember. does anyone else but me recall that chanel did a riff off this kind of needlepoint in one of their accessory collections in the late 1990s (give or take a couple years)?
vintage needlepoint tote


still working on that yo-yo curtain…
more yos.

i have been knitting a few of these scarves over the past few months…a simple feather and fan stitch, out of smooth wool. i am about 1/3 of the way through this particular scarf. i love the texture…it feels very old-fashioned to me.
mindless knitting


i have noticed that i tend to get involved with lots of projects like the ones pictured here…projects that are done piece by piece, stitch by stitch. i suppose i like the idea of making all these little parts one by one that eventually make a whole. all the little parts and the process of making such things is very repetitive and by extension, meditative. i enjoy the meditative state my mind falls into…it is during these meditative states that i contemplate future projects and pieces i would like to make: other knitting or sewing/clothing projects, paintings i would like to paint, sometimes interior design experiments i would like to try out in my home. i cherish these journeys inside the landscape of my mind. i look forward to these moments of unbridled brainstorming and creative thought, and seek them out whenever possible. these moments often mean being alone, or being quiet…which explains why i spend quite a bit of time alone.
but it’s okay by me; i’m really a rather shy, introverted person. i may dress loudly and have my opinions and like to go out and socialize at times but mostly, i really crave quiet, productive moments.

i do a lot shopping alone…i find it works better for me. especially for clothes, thrifting, and the like. i know a lot of people like to shop with friends and get their opinions, but i find the presence of another person distracting, and if they like similar things, shopping can quickly turn into competition. when i go shopping, especially thrifting, i sort of fall into a meditative state just as when i’m knitting or making something. i think about where that object will fit into my life, house, or closet, if i *really, honestly* love it, if it has good design…things of that general nature. it’s hard to think when friends are around…being alone gives me space to think.

random questionings:
do you like to shop or make alone, or do you like the company of others?
are you an introvert, or an extrovert?


  1. hannah

    new reader here.

    i love to shop alone. i always feel like i am too slow with others and they are constantly waiting for me. i like to have my time to dig and find the perfect things. as for introvert/extrovert? depends on the day i guess.

    i love your style. the way you combine colors and decades…everything is seamless and smooth. keep at it.

    xo hannah.

  2. Pupule

    i am a solo shopper. although i enjoy shopping with friends, it feels like there are unspoken time constraints. i like to get lost in the hunt. it is nice to have the freedom to go at your own pace. the only exception to the rule would be my mother. she will sit there and wait for me without a single complaint.

  3. lebonbon

    I am also a solo shopper and love it,I sometimes even leave the store if I spot a fellow trifter that looks for things like me.I developed that from thrifting in Pheonix,see Japanese buyers are everywere there,and I once owned a vintage shop there and if we walked in and saw them we would walkout cause we knew it was all picked over.

    Anyways,creating alone I love also,I spend alot of time alone,I love it,more gets done and im not affraid to experiment.I find if someone is watching what your doing they always have to comment and it seems to distroy my creative mood.I totally relate to this entry,theres nothing wrong with being alone πŸ™‚

  4. Casey

    Your color-infused photographs always bring a smile to my face!! πŸ™‚ I just love that scarf you’re knitting…

    Shopping… It can depend, but lately I’ve found that when I shop alone I am more focused (good for thrifting) and less likely to get overwhelmed by selection/choices. That being said, my mother and I have had some great shopping trips together! But by large, I prefer to spend a quiet afternoon shopping on my own. Preferrably accopanied by a nice cup of coffee and my own meditative thoughts. Its very relaxing that way. πŸ˜‰

  5. Erica

    i either go thrift shopping alone or with rob. when i go alone, i have more time to look, think and try on. also, i’m free of others’ opinions of the items i choose; i can be free to pick up something totally crazy and really consider it. honestly, i prefer to go alone.

    when we go together, rob gets tired of shopping much faster and puts pressure on me to hurry, which i dislike but he’s driving so i have to compromise. rob is the only person i know other than my mom who really enjoys the treasure hunting aspect of thrifting. i think as a guy his tolerance for shopping is just lower than mine. :o)

    as for your other question, i consider myself an introverted person. i like being alone when i am alone, but i like being with my friends when i’m with them.

  6. LibraStar

    I definitely love shopping alone, it is a time when I can totally hear my own voice from within. It is definitely therapeutic and meditative process when you shop you are trying to envision objects that fits into your life, or inspiration on new style…etc.

    If I want to social and be close with my friends, I would rather have dinner and drinks with them. So I don’t think it is a introverted or extroverted if I like to shop alone or not. It is just that I would like to put all my energy and focus on something that requires alot of attention.

  7. beth

    i LOVE shopping and thrifting alone, too. it’s much easier to be in the zone if i’m not worried about keeping up with someone else’s shopping pace… i can stay as long (or as short) as i want with no worries.

    crafting/creating is a bit of the same way, too. if i’m stitching with the girls i must be sure to pick a project that is mindless and requires little concentration, counting, etc. for instance, weaving in the ends of the granny hexagons of the afghan i’m creating is a PERFECT project for me to do with a small group of friends. if i’m working on something elaborate i MUST do it alone. OR, i do it silently in a group, counting stitches and pretty much ignoring the ongoing conversations so i can make progress on my creation.

    introverted vs extroverted…. i’d say it depends on the day, the task at hand, my mood, etc. i enjoy spending quality time with those close to my heart. i also relish “alone” time for reading, thinking, organizing, crocheting, or simply vegging out! if i don’t have enough alone time i get crabby and feel disconnected from the real me.

  8. Amber

    I prefer to shop alone. Otherwise I feel I’m rushing or slowing someone down, and I hate that. Especially thrifting. I kinda have it down to a science, and I move really quickly. I know how to spot patterns, textures and materials I like, but other than that I skim right over things. I hate rushing people so I’d rather go alone.

    As far as making things, I usually knit while watching tv (or at Stitch n Bitch). Sometimes alone, sometimes with my family at my mom’s on Sunday, sometimes with my boyfriend during a movie. Most other crafts I do alone. I like being alone.

  9. madam0wl

    Oops, I forgot to add my numbers… here is the shorter version: Interesting topic for me, I did a small amount of research plus a survey last year about the attitudes of thrift shoppers. I’m not sure if I asked a question about shopping alone or not though. I shop alone. Of course I don’t have a lot of friends, at least not ones fairly nearby. But even when I shop with my close college friend we basically split up and go on our own throughout a store anyway. I like to be able to take my time and ponder, and go through everything one-by-one sometimes. I think to shop alone you have to have a sense of style-confidence. On that note, I am a big time introvert. Well, except for when I have to instruct a class!

  10. Mallory / uproar

    I usually prefer to shop alone. Especially if I’m doing thrifting or flea market shopping. If I’m with another person at a thrift store I tend not to look at anything too closely or actually buy because I don’t feel like I can spend as much time looking or the other person might get bored. Sometimes I enjoy shopping with other people, but it’s usually only my best friend that I’ll go shopping with, and we tend to talk and browse rather than the kind of shopping I do if I’m by myself, which is more like hunting.

  11. SwanDiamondRose

    i shop alone. it take serious concentration. and shopping with others, of good taste… or i mean of similar taste, is dangerous! i sew alone too but i am looking to work with more people around. it’s much nicer. but you can’t work around just anyone. sometimes it just works. the right amount of silence. the right amount of talk. it’s like a great little hum.

    but i do agree about general aloneness. i love it too. when you are alone there is this vast thing, some infinite space you can move around in.

    i like both i guess.

    nice questions. i think about this alone thing a lot.

  12. Lily


    I love to shop alone too! i just wanted to say hello, i saw you a few weeks ago at marc jacobs on fillmore, i wanted to say “hi” but i was too shy/embarrassed and my toddler was acting up. also, i felt embarrased because, since, i’ve been reading your blog, seems like i know a bit about you, attending fashion school, doing well, moving out here from ny, etc. i just felt weird about that, and there i’d be a total stranger to you.

    anyways, wanted to let you know that i’ve been a quiet fan of your blog, i think i’ve only commented once, when you asked…”who the hell are you?”, i love what you have to say about fashion/style i also like to check out wardrobe remix.
    since, i had my baby, i’ve sort of felt out of touch with fashion, coming to visit your blog has inspired me, thanks!

  13. Marijke

    Another solo shopper, I feel trapped when shopping with others. I need to have time to figur stuff out on my own!

    How do you make the yo-yo’s, they look fantastic!

  14. ambika

    As a habitual shopper and thrifter, I feel too pressured by other people’s presence to either hurry or take my time. I much prefer to shop alone and only shop with someone if there are other things taking place (getting a coffee or purely socializing).

    Also, I’m making a scarf in the same pattern! In a teal blue wool mix. It’s a gift, as are most of the things i’m making these days. It’s definitely meditative and so relaxing when it’s a simple stitch/pattern.

  15. Shannon

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for ages, but it’s my first time commenting (totally creepy lurking). I love your awareness of colour, and the way you think about the way designers work.
    On the rare days when I have free time I love to browse all my favourite stores by myself. Some of my favourite shops I like to keep a secret, just so that people will always be surprised by what I wear, or the things in my home. It is peaceful and relaxing to spend a few hours digging through shops, and sometimes I even find something amazing. I love to shop with friends as well, especially when I’m looking for something specific (ie. a certain piece of clothing or something to wear to a special event). I like to get people’s opinion on expensive things before I buy them. A lot of the time my friends stop me from buying crazy things, which can be good or bad, depending on how much I love the item.

    I would consider myself an extrovert, because I being around people, but at the same time I like to spend hours creating alone.

  16. klynnnn

    I definitely prefer to shop alone … shopping with others puts too many constraints on me and it can take the fun and relaxation out of the event. That being said, I’m a frequent thrift store shopper and I’ve met and made some wonderful friends and acquaintances at the stores I frequent so my shopping becomes a lot of my social time also and I like that too.

  17. Pippa

    I love the bag. Actually I remember Miu Miu had some adorable needlepoint bags in the late 90s. There were ice cream and cherry motifs in pastel colous, etc. Very very sweet.

    I am definitely a solo shopper. I find my shopping friends have very conservative tastes and try to talk me out of buying items such as a fabulous orange 60s equestrian style hat. (“You’ll never wear it, darling.”) Honestly!