wore this while running errands. one of the many things i shortened this weekend…i like this dress so much better short.

-wooden hoop earrings: thrifted in florida
-wooden bead necklace: thrift town, SF.
-wooden bangle: claire’s accessories -vintage 60s silk noil dress, shortened up by me this weekend: mission thrift, SF.
-beige 70s sweater, worn underneath dress: thrifted in florida
-orange leggings: american apparel
-beige vintage boots: beacon’s closet, brooklyn.
-goofy smile: my own.


  1. Casey

    I just love how such little adjustments, like altering the length, makes a great vintage find even more fabulous and fun!! I especially like the orange leggings you paired with it. Such an unexpected pop of color that is really fresh–especially this season when the leggings everyone else is wearing seem to be dark!

    Great look (that last picture of you is so cute!). Your wardrobe combinations continue to inspire me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kathy

    Love love love this! Love your blog. I am going to join your Flickr group soon. I used to be an avid Style Diary fan, but your group seems a lot more personal! Did you love living in NYC? I went to FIT and just moved back, it was amazing. Tata, Kat.

  3. kaisakaisa

    I really like what you have done with that dress, it flatters you and you didn’t loose the dress’original feeling. I love your blog and your stuff – both handmade and trifted. It’s also great to notice so many Finnish things in your collection like Marimekko and Ivana Helsinki. Needless to say, I’m from Finland. And of course a link to the awesome Hel looks site:) There are some pretty cool and stylish people here in Finland. And some are just plain weird, but it’s all good:)