out for the usual sunday errands. i have been obsessed with orange and gray together lately.

-orange wool/mohair crocheted bonnet: designed/made by me
-little kids denim jacket: thrift town, SF.
-grey angora sweaterdress: thrift town, SF.
-red/orange vintage skirt: zachary’s smile, NYC.
-gray tights: macy’s
-gray gathered boots: urban outfitters
-gray labrodorite ring: ny adorned (amazing tattoo and jewelry parlor in manhattan)
-red/orange enamel earrings: thrifted in florida
-red/orange enamel 60s pin: thrifted somewhere! probably in florida.


  1. josi

    You look great. I’m loving the grey & orange and your bonnet is adorable.

    You are a never-ending source of visual delights — thank you for sharing your amazing style.

  2. Margaret

    Tricia, I read your page every morning with my mug of tea and I have found such inspiration from your insight, senses of style and creativity. Besides thinking you are just a fabulous person and telling you so I wanted to ask you as a new lady in San Fran about the city. I am traveling to San Fran next week for the first time and really would love to hear your favorite spots/things I must check out in general(restaurants, city wonderfulness…), but also largely fashion and creativity-wise (thrift shops, clothing stores…) whenever you have a chance to sit and type a few lines. Thanks so much! Take careÒ€¦(My e-mail is msoles@coa.edu).

  3. Casey

    I love how the orange is used so artfully as little dashes of warm color against the winteryness of the grey. It reminds me in a way of how one views the interior of a warmly lit house from the outside. You don’t see all of it, but you know that there is more to it… (Excuse me if this makes no sense–haven’t completely woken up yet! πŸ™‚ The bonnet is so cute too. πŸ™‚

  4. ann

    i love the peak of bright orange underneath the grey dress. i think you might need a belt to break up the long panel of grey, though. not necessarily while wearing the jean jacket, but definitely without it.
    and post more frequently!

  5. tricia


    perhaps, perhaps not (on the matter of needing a belt). tis your opinion! i am a great lover of belts, but orange belts are the rarest of rare, and that’s what i’d wear with this. alas, it’s likely not to happen.

    i would post more frequently, but i am BUSY!

  6. ambika

    I am so in love right now with the look of a skirt/petticoat peeking out from under a dress. I saw something similar on Emily of Inside a Black Apple and am still trying to figure out how to do this with my own things.