favorite outfits of 2006










i love looking back. looking back allows one to see the trends in one’s own personal style!
my personal trends and favorites in two thousand six:

  • the color red-orange. it’s EVERYWHERE in my wardrobe most of my favorite pieces in my closet are in that color: the red-orange raglan 70s cardigan with the short sleeves, the A.P.C. track jacket with the plastic zipper, and that red-orange enamel pin (a vintage find). several pairs of red-orange enamel earrings…all get regular, or TOO regular rotation! hah!
  • boots! i love boots. vintage, new, whatever. often i can be found tucking my tights/leggings into my boots. i rarely wear jeans without tucking them into boots unless i’m wearing pumps. boots deserve to be shown off!
  • jeans: the slimmer/straighter and tighter the better. still. i have been pondering getting a baggy pair of jeans, but i think generally slimmer jeans are more flattering for me, since i am short (about 5′ 3″).
  • scarves! this habit started while living in new york. it carries on here in SF. a simple way to add color. plus, i LOVE the feeling of a big, voluminous scarf wrapped around my neck and chin…i feel comfortable, protected, and swaddled. i love anything with a high neck. which is actually really funny, because when i lived in florida i HATED turtlenecks and the like. it’s far too hot there, i guess.
  • patchwork!
  • belts really work for me, regardless of their in or outness. i need them to define that i actually own a waist.
  • i have an unabashed love for that vintage acid-wash kids levi’s denim jacket. it’s perfect and it goes with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in my closet.
  • peep toes!
  • green and orange together, and red-orange/orange with gray. i have also started to embrace black again, and i do love tan/beige. mixing more neutrals with brights. still having fun playing with color.
  • leggings and tights! another layer, another chance to play with color!
  • i actually REALLY liked my hair red. lots of people claimed they prefer me blonde, but eh. i don’t know.


  1. Casey

    Methinks that denim jacket really was the star piece in your wardrobe this year! You certainly came up with some really inspiring ways to make one piece go really far and be really versitle! 🙂

  2. josi

    I thought I liked you better as a blonde, but after seeing the photos all grouped together… the red seems softer and more youthful (especially the first pic where it is so rich and deep).

    I wish I could go deep reds (my mom’s natural color is a red so dark it’s almost black), but they have the opposite effect on my face.

  3. Nic

    Wow when I thought about who style wise influenced me the most this year, it was you.

    you have inspired me to try new styles & colors.
    I think you have influenced me to “ push the style envelope”.
    Many of us have said that we think of you when we thrift, would Tricia wear this or that.

    Your journals and ideas have really introduced to me to new ways of thinking fashion and clothes on a down to earth level, something I could understand. You have a way of speaking to an individual style and not on a “masses level”.

    Ok I hope I made some sense here.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anouk

    You have really inspired me throughout 2006! I pass by on your blog regularly, hoping you´ve posted another one of your fabulous colourcombo´s. I try to be just as colourful as you are all the way to the Netherlands (city of Maastricht), where I live.
    Keep up the good posting!

  5. ambika

    I agree with Casey regarding the denim jacket. You even wore it with denim pants, which I’m always afraid to do with my own. And I love how much you’ve worn red. It’s definitely one of my favorite colors.

  6. Sarah

    I have loved checking out your style over the past few months, as we had a mutual friend over on livejournal.
    Your love for vintage, colour and finding your own style mirrors my own passion.
    Keep up the gorgeous work…and that luscious red-orange!

  7. liebemarlene

    I first discovered your blog at the beginning of 2006 and it probably was the main factor in my deciding to go back to school for fashion design. I love the way you put outfits together in a way that is unique and recognizable–you never look like a walking advertisement for a specific designer or look and you have a terrific way of following fashion while preserving your own quirky and colorful sense of style.

    Thanks for providing us with so much fashion inspiration, and here’s to a great 2007!

  8. S.

    All excellent. The one I can most identify with is the red skirt, black blouse, red belt. I’ve already said how I envy the grey sweater dress on you.

    Your photos are excellent too. No ugly lighting problems or shake.

  9. tricia

    thanks everyone! it’s still amazing to me that i affect people in any way, but i am happy that people take away good things from reading my blog and are sometimes inspired. it’s really great! more than anything else, i want to set an example for others in that everyone can have their own style and be completely original and lovely in their own way. you can love fashion but you don’t have to be a slave to it. i believe that the only person you should really, ideally, answer to in matters of fashion is yourself.

    s: heh, it’s funny you can relate to that red skirt/black blouse combo the most. it’s actually what i would consider my plainest! not necessarily typical me. but it is an outfit i really love! 🙂 the photos are specifically as perfect as i can make them, with good lighting and uncluttered backgrounds, as i started the wardrobe_remix community, and i also want to set an example there, for the most ideal type of photo in the sense of good lighting, uncluttered background, and little to no blurriness.

  10. SwanDiamondRose

    i have favourites of your favourites. the more recent grey sweater dress [so nice!] and your octopus necklace [very gorgeous] and all the red stuff!

    it’s the silhouettes you build that really pull it all together. great silhouettes and great fit.

    can i ask you what jeans you are wearing in 4.27.2006? i have been neglecting my jean wardrobe.

  11. agent_x

    Im in total agreement with on you boots! They should be shown off, not hidden under pants!