if money was no object…

i’ve been m.i.a., yes.
we came home from florida (which was fun!) and immediately, i caught some awful cold. yuck! i’m just now getting over i!. so i have been taking it easy, for the most part. it’s a good thing (big ups to martha!).

i hacked all my hair off on friday…it’s a pixie thing, really. it’s also a good thing, because my hair was fried and like straw/hay from perming and bleaching and other forms of hair torture i caused it to endure this past year. now i can grow it out and have it be more healthy overall. yay!


a choice few things i’m grooving on at the moment…and would have in my personal possession,
if, of course, money was no object:

(click on any photo for more information/a link back to their website)

i am happily mesmerized by these geometric handmade wooden earrings by orno, at etsy:


i completely adore this trench dress (from anthropologie): it’s wide notched collar, capped gathered sleeves, and the yellow contrast side of the belt (a perfect touch, imo):


and i think the above trench-dress would be particularly pleasing over these skinny red jeans (from urban outfitters):

(a little secret: when i make these posts i often think about all the products/pieces as if they might be worn together, a whole outfit, or mixed-and-matched, if you will. it’s a weird habit of mine, for quite some time. this time is no exception. i’m weird! :P)


i am rather excited about the upcoming proenza schouler line @ target that’s being unveiled next month…i adore the bright colors and modern streamlined shapes and piecing (that the guys are of course known for)…but i think the sportswear, casual interpretation is particularly terrific.


i am hoping to do some thrifting this week, if i have time. i did a tiny little bit when in florida, but mostly, i didn’t find too much and/or didn’t have a lot of time to thrift between traveling/working/visiting with family and friends. such is life! maybe the thrift gods have some good stuff waiting for me here in san francisco…i can only hope!


pictures to come, soon. i have been knitting like a fiend for the past couple of weeks/month but haven’t photog-ed anything in ages.


  1. Melissa

    Oh, so THAT’s the new line at Target…I think I’ll be saving what’s left of my giftcard for that, yesss.

    Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Paula

    i love the Orno earring. their stuff is lovely.

    i have earplugs myself, so earrings aren’t much use, but i’d love it if it was a pendant. it’s similar to the design i have tattooed on the back of my neck (which is based on a “seed of life”)