knowing me and knowing you…

thanks for delurking, all! feel free to keep coming out of the woodwork. it’s so nice to meet you and learn more about who reads my blatherings!


there’s also probably lots you don’t know about me, either:

-i was born on august 6, 1975. i’m 31 years old.
-i’m naturally blonde.
-i’ve been married to peter royal jr. for 8 years. we’ve been together for 10 years, as of this past new years eve. we met at a rave called “end.”
-we have no kids.
-i have three cats: leela, meatloaf, and girl. all three are female.
-i live in san francisco on a hill that sits right smack dab in the middle of the city. i can see the pacific ocean from my apartment’s back windows. it’s very soothing. i have only lived in san fran since september 2006. my apartment is very small. too small!!
-i have two college degrees: a bachelor of art in art (with a concentration in art history) from the university of north florida in jacksonville, florida, and a fashion design associate of art degree, from parson’s the new school for design, in new york city.
-i work part time as an editorial assistant at stylehive at the moment. i write for their blog.
-i do not own a car. i take public transportation (bus, usually), walk, or ride my bike to get where i have to go. i do know how to drive, and like to drive (especially stick shift!), but would rather not buy a car until they offer fully electric automobiles, as i feel they are better for the environment. big oil is evil.
-favorite foods of mine include: blood oranges, almost all fruit, good artisan cheeses (especially good english cheddars and blues of any variety), belgian beers, cashews, and gummy candy such as swedish fish.
-i am very adventurous when it comes to food.
-i dislike raisins.
-i’m not allergic to anything i know of, except maybe pollen. i have bad sinuses.
-i thrift about 2x a week. i have been thrifting since i was 14 years old.
-in college, both times, i got an A in every single class except one, which was a B in math. math is my worst subject!
-i’m a type A personality, a perfectionist, a control freak, and sometimes a bit of a hypochondriac.
-if i wasn’t so passionately into art and craft, i’d probably do something involving medicine or history.
-i minored in history in college.
-read almost all non-fiction, for pleasure. right now i am reading frida kahlo’s biography and the tipping point.
-i’ve been sewing since i was 11 years old. my grandmother taught me how to sew when she was visiting my family in florida in the summer of 1986.
-i used to be very, very into the rave scene in the mid to late 1990s. i still listen to only electronic music for the most part, with a dash of old hip-hop/turntablist stuff thrown in for good measure. i believe i would not be the person i am today, good or bad, had i not been a raver for many years. it was life changing for me, and that life shaped my early 20s.
-i’m an anglophile. anything related to britain or british history and it’s people fascinate me.
-i love to travel, but i dislike flying.
-i generally dislike celebrities. those that i do like are usually artists, scientists, or comedians. people who have intelligence and true personal style and ethics are more compelling than actors or models, at least to me.
-what everyday people wear is far more interesting to me than fashion shows.
-i started wardrobe_remix in september of 2005. it’s a diy-street fashion community, on flickr. it’s grown from just me to 2500 people today and i’m pretty damn proud of it.


answers to your questions:

from katie: what are your thoughts on San Francisco vs. New York in terms of the street styles you see? has your move inspired your style in any new ways?

san franciscans, in general, are a tad more conservative as compared with new yorkers. which is not to say that there aren’t sharp dressers here, because there are plenty. but people are much more laid back here, much more comfort-oriented, less ostentatious than new yorkers in many ways. new yorkers are more creative, more into labels (large and small), avant-guarde clothing, and the like. new york is far more cosmopolitan, more artistic. these are are just my observations, such as they are. i’ve only been here less than a year, so i think i need more time to gather data. 😀

as for inspiring my style, not really. i dress for myself, not to be part of any particular tribe. i abhor uniforms of any kind, except my own. i wear generally the same things i did as when i lived in new york, because my lifestyle is generally the same (layers, scarves, comfortable shoes, etc. because i’m walking/taking the bus everywhere). i was more inspired by new yorkers, period…people there are all over the place, and extremely diverse. just riding the subway there or walking the streets and observing the creativity of average people was better than looking at the best fashion magazine. suffice it to say i miss nyc dearly, in a myriad of ways.

from elissa: you seem like you’d be an amazing painter with your eye for color and design. do you paint?

i do not paint regularly. i wish i did, but it’s not something i do often, as arts and crafts revolving around the fiber and fashion arts tend to take precedence with me at the moment: knitting, crochet, needlepoint/embroidery, sewing, patternmaking/draping, jewelry making/beading, etc. i did study art and art history in college, as i stated above, so i have quite a background in design/art. i’ve taken courses on printmaking, ceramics, and photography as well. i was actually a photography major many, many years ago, when i was right out of high school.

i would like to take a painting class. anyone in san fran know of a place to take a non-credit painting class? or any art classes? w/o having to go back to school officially!!?

from jenn: how do you take such great pictures?
sonia luna: what kind of camera are you using?

one of my secrets for taking pictures is using available light, i.e. no flash. i HATE flash. it is VERY harsh and unflattering most cases. so i take most of my photos during the day when the light is best inside my apartment, or outside. i take several shots of my subject (including of myself for wardrobe_remix shots, which are taken by my husband with my direction) to get the best shot. it’s good to have choices! after i shoot pictures, i manipulate them in photoshop, adjusting the lightness and contrast to my taste, the way a cook adjusts her spices in a recipe.

my camera is a canon powershot a620. someday i would love to have a digital SLR.


  1. bess

    hey, thought I would de-lurk since I have read your lj and then blog for a long time without commenting much (a few times).. I am a NYer displaced (to Delaware, for grad school in history) though I spend a lot of time in Berkeley with my brother and nephew. I am on lj but it’s totally friendslocked so there is no need to mention my name on there. I did wardrobe_remix quite a bit toward the beginning of it (in about oct-nov 05), and am amazed at how it has grown! you should indeed be very proud of that.

    We have a lot in common– most important that I was born 364 days after you. I also graduated from Parsons (MA in Design History, a not-well-known program there). I miss NY a lot too. One random thing I notice when I am in the bay area (which I am now) is that people are colorful and creatively dressed, but their shoes seem less fun/interesting than NY people. I theorize that they are more outdoorsy and sensible here and thus the Manolos do not fly as well (not that I wear Manolos in NY, but the general importance of having amazing shoes seems more present in NY than other places). That’s hardly a scientifically proven theory, of course!

  2. hoyan

    i’ve been reading your blog for a while but was deterred from commenting by the whole ‘you didn’t pass math thing’ (embarrassing, i know). but, i really love reading your entries and your style is always wonderful.

  3. tricia

    hoyan: i’m confused, i did pass math! it was just hard and not my favorite subject. i struggled quite a bit to get even that score.

  4. Nancy

    hiya tricia! it was so nice to meet you on thursday, and now thanks to this post i got to learn even more about you- sweet! sadly i don’t have an rss feed on my blog, but i think it is something i have to figure out.

    i will be visiting you here at bits and bobs often, and maybe we can get together for cupcakes again sometime soon (if my blood orange jam turns out, i’ll save you a jar).

    i think hoyan’s comment about math above has to do with your spammy-comment-blocker field that requires solving an addition problem? i so didn’t get it the first time i tried to comment 🙂

  5. Sadieclementine

    Hi there! I’m a lurker who may have commented once.

    I’ve been reading for the past couple of months as you cheer up my work day and we have some similar interests. We had a mutual friend on livejournal.

    I also met my hubby at a rave! Ha!

    I’m a social worker who dreams of being a textile designer, loves independent crafts and craves colour like nobody’s business.

    I adore strong espresso, dark chocolate, unusual cheeses, toothsome bread, succulent fruits and berries, backpacking, finding new colour combos, peeking for scores, Frida, thrifting, strange martinis, changing my home’s decor and crafting.

    Nice to meetcha!

  6. Jaime

    Hi! I’m a lurker. Well, I was one, anyway.

    I’m Jaime! I live in Oakland and not so far from you.
    Here are some facts about me…
    1. I’m named after the Bionic Woman
    2. I too, prefer non fiction
    3. I’m into sewing, knitting, reading and writing. I have a zine and am always working on some project.
    4. I love clothes!
    5. I have a 5 y.o.
    6. I have a livejournal, feel free to check it out. Most of it’s friends only though. My screenname is “nocreamcorn”

  7. Nadia

    Hello! My name is Nadia and I’ve commented before when you were on LJ. I think it was how Mike Skinner from the Streets had really hot abs last summer because they were just the tiniest bit flabby. I think I’ve also left other random comments.

    I live in Chicago in a new concrete loft in an old old building. I am in law school which consumes 99.9% of my time during the semester. I just got married on December 16. When I’m not busy with school I knit, read, play with my dogs, cook, bake and am slowly slowly working on a modern quilt. I love vintage juxtaposed with the ultra modern, graffiti and outsider art, bright colors and patterns. Nesting is a sick obsession I share with my husband but because of space limitations we have been forced to be editors to the extreme. I am thegirlversion on LJ though almost everything I post is friends locked. I also happen to be on g* and I know you used to post there. Oddly enough recently I’ve been mostly listening to electronic music though indie rock still does make a big showing, I guess that a lot of rock, even independent, has begun to sound derivative and generic to me and there seems to be more creativity and inspiration in electronic music especially dance rock and underground hiphop right now.
    I am also almost certain I also know the girl you met at the seminar thing a few months ago, Kelley, long story involving random online interactions. (potentially) Small world!

  8. Anne

    hello! my name is anne and i found your journal when i started knitting and looking for interesting/new projects. i am originally from virginia but i now reside in detroit, mi and find myself with lots of time to knit to avoid going out in the cold. i have been knitting for less than a year, but am inspired by the idea of being able to make my own designs in a couple of years. now that i have de-lurked can i please have you pattern for the cowl? hahaha. i know it has to be super simple but i don’t know if i am ready yet to venture into the complete unknown!

  9. Riley

    I know you and you know and this is not something amazing that I totally love you (and your husband, obviously), and am seething with envy over your too-small place in San Fran. I also enjoy Belgian beer, Swedish fish, and Amersterdam smokes… but hey what are we really talking about here? I need to visit you this year!!!!!! For reals.

  10. Oleya

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I thought I’d de-lurk as well.
    My name is Oleya. I’m 23 years old. I am originally from Los Angeles but I have been living in San Francisco for the past two years. I live in Ingleside, by city college. It’s not the most awesome place, but I am moving this summer to the mission or the haight/panhandle area, I hope!
    Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have been doing it off and on for about two years now. I grew tired of knitting scarves so I decided to tackle double pointed needles and knit a balaclava! I figure once I finish that I can move to to a sweater (of my own design), perhaps.
    I love making things, and the idea of making my own clothes. I have a sewing machine that I need to teach myself to use once I figure out what’s wrong with it. I like vintage clothes, especially things from the 1960s and I love thrift shopping as well. If only I could go two times a week!
    I recently joined wardrobe_remix and it is so inspirational to me. I love looking at other people’s style.
    I don’t drive, either. I actually don’t have a license, but I am planning on getting mine this year. I love to ride my bike, walk, and take public transportation. I favor the BART over the MUNI.
    I love cooking, especially from scratch. I’m vegetarian and love to eat burritos, Indian food, pasta, Thai food, and sometimes, soul food.
    I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop here. 🙂

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