wardrobe refashion!

so, i’ve committed to wardrobe refashion for two months!

what is wardrobe refashion?
it’s essentially a pledge to make your own or recycle/refashion clothing that you have already in your closet, or thrift, instead of buying new clothing, in an effort to be creative and thrifty, and i suppose, make a smaller footprint on the planet.

so, as i stated in a post to the group, my intention behind committing to this project is as follows:

in the past year, due to some major life changes, i have gotten away from sewing and designing. those life changes include a very difficult cross country move from NYC to SF and working. also, i got a little obsessed with the knitting, to a fault!

after observing wardrobe refashion since last year, i decided i would give it a go, starting with a 2 month commitment.

i’m starting with 2 months, but may continue it past that commitment on my own, depending on how it goes.

as part of this commitment, i’d like to:
-save money.
-although thrifting is okay, i’d like to make a commitment to thrift less, perhaps limit it to 2-4x a month because i thrift too much!
-design pieces (woven and knit) to compliment my body and wardrobe, and execute those designs, finally making use of my learned and inate skills, damnit!
-use up my sick piles of fabric and yarn (see also: thrifting less, as to not add more fabric to the pile)


sewing/designing will commence very soon…my patternmaking table broke in a glorious crash this past sunday and i’m waiting on a new one to be shipped to me within a few weeks. i had really wanted to get started soon…but alas.


in the meantime, however…knitting with stash! yes, yes, more knitting. i’m BAD.

yarn 1
knitting work in progress

i’m working on this sweatervest dress from the fall 2006 issue of knit 1. the pattern calls for lion brand’s homespun, but i hate that yarn so much i’d rather knit with razor wire. it’s absolutely horrid to knit with, and is acrlyic/polyester to boot. life is too short to knit with synthetics, people!

so i’m using a huge lot of lamb’s pride bulky wool/mohair i’ve had for years instead, and i’m doing my own stripe interpretation. i’ll keep you all posted on my progress, of course. this one may take a while…


  1. Ashley

    Wardrobe Refashion sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to look more into it and see how it can maybe function in my life.

    Also, that sweater vest-dress pattern is lovely! I ought to check out more knitting publications, as you find the best patterns.

  2. tricia

    ashley: you totally should check out wardrobe refashion…it’s a great idea, and really makes you think twice, long and hard before actually buying something new. 🙂

  3. Alicia

    Indeed this is a brilliant idea!

    Recently I have felt very guilty returning from town with any shopping bags of clothes. The more bags, the bigger the guilt! I have been pondering the thought of giving my wardrobe a makeover. I get a real ‘I did it’ satisfaction when i make-over an item of clothing, more than the retail therapy pleasure, but without the guilt. My house mate has just acquired a sewing machine, which she has offered to lend me, so I have no excuse to start customising. My first project will be turning a pair of jeans that no longer fit me into a long denim skirt (that I’ve wanted for a while).

    Good luck with the knitted dress. I’d love to see it when it’s done.

  4. Giselle

    My “Environmental and Social-Economics Studies” professor would kiss you after the mention of a smaller footprint on the planet 🙂

  5. sarah

    ooh, that yarn looks like the kind i got at an estate sale last summer (or was it the summer before? ha.. i’ve got to murder my stash) but oh how i wish i could bleach it and redye it. it’s aaaaaaaall brown. the yarn in that picture is yummmmy looking.

  6. Gwyneth

    This is a fantastic idea. I love shopping in my own closet, looking for possibilities at the local thrift shops and just mixing stuff up in general. I hope this new venture will offer ideas on how to tart up old pieces with some creative tailoring, etc!

  7. jennifer

    i have this fabulous cotton robe that my grandmother brought me from china. the thing is, it sucks as a robe. so it’s not such a fabulous robe after, so much as a fabulous fabric sewn into the shape of a robe.

    there’s enough there to rebuild it, but i’m such a horrible seamstress and even worse patternmaker that i’d trash the thing.

    all i’d really want is a shift dress with a bit of a cinched waist. alas.

  8. di

    Hey it’s great you’ve signed up too!
    I’m really looking forward to following your wardrobe refashioning work, having admired your wardrobe remix photos for a while. You have a completely different style from what I wear, but it’s exciting and inspiring to see what you create. Maybe it will even entice me to be a bit more daring?

  9. cakebaker

    hi, this is my first time to your site. i laughed out loud over what you said about homespun, i started a project with it last week and ditched it after 30 rows. i’d rather eat a bowl of needles than use acrylic to knit, or wear for that matter. anyhow, maybe you’ll be my inspiration to stay out of thrift store bins until i make a dent in my own stash.

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  11. Casey

    I know I’m a little late with this comment, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of your wardrobe refashion commitment! I’ve thought about doing it myself (because I shop waaay too much! lol), and you have inspired me to rethink it. 😉