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knitted zig zag scarf
sewing tools
built by wendy pattern

so, in keeping with the wardrobe refashion pledge, i’m in the middle of a few projects, as seen above:

-a zig-zag scarf made with odd bits of yarn from the ye olde stash.

-and starting a sewing pattern from the built by wendy pattern collection, as a way to get myself back in the sewing habit before attacking custom patternmaking i want to get into doing tout suite, as i detailed in a previous post. i’m planning on making the one shown on the far right, the one with the three quarter length sleeves and elasticated hem. the fabric is a rich pumpkin-colored wool jersey.

i am very happy this weekend for one big reason: my new patternmaking/cutting table arrived yesterday! i was told it would take three weeks to arrive, but instead, it only took three days! petey put it together this morning for me. now i can now sew and design with ease!

i was very worried about the weeks it would have taken to get here, as i abhor the idea of using the floor to draft patterns or assemble pieces of patterns while sewing, if only for the damage it would do to my weak back. *phew* so glad it did not come down to that…

the sewing and designing will now commence! hurrah!


  1. Nancy

    oooh! that pumpkin wool number is going to look fabulous. and i’m so excited to see your custom work once you get going with your nifty cutting table!

  2. birdie

    wow, that zig zag scarf looks amazing! i love the color combo. just curious, i’ve been shopping for a patternmaking/cutting table as well. if you don’t mind, how much did yours cost? xoxo.

  3. La Principessa

    Good for you! I’ve been trying to teach myself how to sew–I rented a sewing machine for a few weeks a little while ago–but it’s next to impossible as a college student. So, it’s good to know that I can live vicariously through you!

  4. Casey

    yay for new cutting tables! 🙂 I always love when things arrive sooner than anticipated. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing how that Built by Wendy pattern turns out for you; I’ve heard mixed reviews on the sizing, so I’m trying to figure out about that before attempting one myself. Plus, JoAnn’s is having a Simplicity sale this weekend… lol. Love the fabric you chose for it!!

    that scarf fragment is gorgeous–the entire piece is going to be stunning!! 🙂

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