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2.24.2007 over

it’s been a while. the whole holidays/illness/surgery/working thing threw me off the wagon!

i hacked off my hair a while back, it was very damaged. i’m yearning for it to re-grow. i miss my bob!

-red enamel 80s leaf earrings: thrifted in florida
-orange puff sleeve tee: H&M
-patchwork belt: handmade by dear birthday
-cotton wrap skirt: thrifted in SF
-accordion pleated skirt: thrifted in SF
-red lace knit leggings: urban outfitters
-red vintage wedge sandals: from absolute vintage, brick lane, east london.
-gold ring with yellow stone: designers market place back in manhattan, when i lived there.
-gold elgin watch: inhereited from pete’s grandfather

plus outer layers:

-orange 60s coat: thrifted in florida
-red-orange sweatshirt: A.P.C.
-felted wool flower pin: handmade by supermaggie


  1. Paper Dolly Girl

    Love this outfit!! I think it’s one of my favorites on you.

    BTW, I wanted to call your attention to a big thrifting opportunity this next weekend. Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. There’s a shuttle from the Fruitvale Bart Station. The second day (Sunday) of the sale everything is half price, which means it’s a little pricy on Saturday. However, if you’re looking for something specific and wonderful, chances are it will be gone by Sunday. Last year I scored some *lovely* antique laces on Sunday, but I was open to finding anything. It can be very crowded, but I always find some gems there. I’ll be there in line when it opens on Saturday morning, and possibly again on Sunday morning.