(old) inspirations

being an avid thrifter, lover of old objects and design, and a person always interested in fashion and form, i have long been a collector of vintage craft books, magazines, and pamphlets. stacks and stacks of the aforementioned clog my bookshelves, fit into magazine organizers, and boxes. it almost goes without saying that much of what came before makes sense in the context of today. my collection contains crafty goodness that hails from disparate decades that span from the sleek 1930s to the over-the-top 80s. somehow it all makes sense in the mixed up fashion soup that constantly cooks inside my brain.

granny square afghaninspirationspolar yarns crocheted collars 1930s

i particularly love these crocheted collars from the 1930s! they look very staid in the photograph above, almost nun-like, but i can see them in riotously bright hues over a modern, almost 60s-esque tent-style or a-line dress, also in a bright color. perhaps colors that are eye-splittingly contrasting. something of that nature, as is my nature and my aesthetic.

more here: http://flickr.com/photos/pintuck/sets/72157594560308539/


  1. hoyan

    all of these are amazing! crocheted collars are awesome, but it seems to me most of the patterns require a tedious amount of fastening off and joining on. thanks for sharing though- i love seeing these old patterns.

  2. lisa

    hi there, i remmeber you saying you were going to amsterdam soon. any places you can recommend worth checking out (design/fashion wise) that are not the usual tourist spots to be? i have been twice already and would like to see something different. thanks!

  3. tricia

    lisa: sorry, i have no idea! i’ve been there 2x before, but only for a few days each (the last time in 1995) so i can’t really suggest anything, unfortunately… good luck though!