organic stripe sweater

i believe that many thrifted items are just begging to be updated to be “now” or “me” (or for that matter, “you”, if you happen to be into the remaking of that which came before)!

i finished this fun refashioning of a sweater last night, turning it into something flattering i’ll actually wear.

organic stripe sweater

organic stripe sweater and pink check skirt


read more about my restyling job on thee aforementioned sweater @ the wardrobe refashion blog…


  1. S.

    Adorable, i enjoy the lack of uniformity on the stitches. Trisha, visit my blog and tell me what you think of my bag. It’s thrifted, it’s colourful, it’s hideous, it’s beautiful.

  2. Gina

    I am always delighted and inspired by your refashions. Well, really your fashions/style in general. The way you play with color, texture and patterns is just amazing! I am curious how you found your style. I notice that you do dress in part to suit your body shape, but there’s more going on. I suspect you also dress to suit your personality… Would you be willing to discuss how you found/defined/refined your style? I guess it’s a bit personal, but you could think of it as an extension of the style vs fashion pieces you’ve posted and pondered recently.