if money was no object…

this installment of if money was no object… is brought to you by the color yellow, rainbows, patchwork and…the fabric formerly referred to as ‘de nimes’.

more than a little mass market this time around! oops.


patchwork in the guise of a clutch by justinamaria @ etsy is pretty precious:


i like the fact these jeans (also from UO) are a bit higher waisted than some, slim, and dark. plain and simple is always a good thing.


rainbows and snakeskin are so wrong but together so right in these shellys of london peeptoe flats:


yellow shoes in general are my obsession right now. i like them simple and more or less graphic, the way i like most things. i quite literally imagine them with everything i have.

(an aside: am i the only one who mentally pairs potential pieces i wish to purchase with things i already own?)

for starters, there are these bright yellow beauties with subtile polka dots from loeffler randall (@ shopbop):

or these yellow bow-backed flats by georgina goodman (via anthropologie), with less subtile polka dots that are jazzily metallic:

and last but not least, these chic little ankle-high yellow rainboots by trentorn, (again at UO (i know, i know.)):


  1. tricia

    anna: why do you ask?

    when i do read magazines, i tend to read not just fashion ones, so i have to include those as well!:

    elle decoration UK
    vogue UK
    teen vogue
    vogue knitting
    knit 1
    japanese fashion and street mags like fruits, street, cutie, mini, etc.

  2. claudia

    in response to your aside: i think most people probably imagine coveted items co-existing with items they already own; to do otherwise would mean what? picturing oneself nude but for the desired object? if i walked into a store and started dreamily imagining myself naked but for a handbag or what have you, i’d probably shop far less. 🙂

  3. tricia

    claudia: i imagine some people perhaps do not think about things they want in terms of matching other items they own…perhaps they just think about the object and nothing else? i think outfits. how i’d make an outfit with said object.

  4. jennifer

    i always match stuff up in my mind, but it never turns out the way i’d imagined.

    aside: how do you feel about the fact that virtually all women’s clothing– including party dresses and designated work attire– is made of sheer jersey cotton? personally, it distrubs me. varied textures are nice.

  5. jennifer

    and by “virtually all women’s clothing” i mean virtually all women’s clothing mass produced today and even some boutique items.

  6. tricia

    jennifer: as to your aside, i agree. i personally like varied textures. stiff denims, chunky knits, fine hand knits, crisp silks. wovens definitely have a place in my wardrobe. jersey is great, but the sheer stuff only goes so far, and can actually be very unflattering and cheap-looking.

  7. Gladys

    Of course I picture said item(s) with what I already have – it’s how I justify making the purchase! The more things I can put it with, the better a deal it is!

    I also doubt I would stop thinking this way if a time comes when I’m not broke!

    Right now, I’m imagining everything that pink clutch would go with!!

  8. Emily

    Oh dear, I guess I am bad at math. The computer deleted my comment…
    Anyway, I was saying that I recently boguht the most adorable fake patent leather flats from F-21. Now, I don’t really like the store, but the shoes were so adorable and vegan to boot.
    I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE brightly colored shoes. I tend to wear darker shades, but my shoes are always some crazy bright color. lol.

  9. Victoria E

    Around 2:30pm on Sunday the 11th, you walked by the Yoga Tree studio on Stanyan between Waller and Beulah; I was inside working the front desk and just happened to see you.