thrift finds and other recent aquisitions

first, that which was thrifted:

french heels from the 80s (the blue suede ones are charles jourdan):

thrifted french heels.

brand new red boots:

thrifted boots

i love the scalloped bit at the top edge.

i’m enamored with the huge rhinestone and perforated clip-ons:

thrifted clip-ons

purple is pretty!:

thrifted clutches

for the neck:

thrifted necklaces

and then without further ado, that which was found new:

i keep having to buy new sunglasses. i lose them like crazy! i like ’em cheap and big:


acid yellow is a big obsession of mine at this nanosecond:

acid yellow cotton scarf

these polish kierpce handmade shoes were sent to me by the polish co-worker of a friend of my husband’s. they are ethnic and hand-hewn and to me, quite lovely:

polish kierpce


  1. Nancy

    what a fabulous array of eye candy! looks like a day (or a few days?) of very jealous-making and productive shopping. I’m particularly mad about those fabulous red boots…

  2. S.

    Oh, oh, oh, those heels! I know if I saw those while thrifting, my heart would start to beat faster and I’d have to remind myself not to look crazed with wanting and I’d be squeezing a hope that they were my size.

    I have such a weakness for red and peep toes and Charles Jourdan. Both pairs are perfect. I can’t stop looking at them.

    I love to know what people pay for their treasures so I can reinforce the idea that thrifting is virtuous and frugal. So, if you ever feel like disclosing..

  3. tricia

    s: i paid about $5 or $6 for the red heels and the blue heels. i can’t remember exact prices. i know the blue heels were close to $6.

    this past summer i found a pair of YSL beige heels for $3!!! i had them resoled for about $15…still WAY cheaper than new.

    i have a sick skill for rooting out designer shoes at thrifts. the quality and detail stands out and they leap toward me! 😛

  4. erin

    those handmade shoes are so beautiful!
    the shade of yellow, the leather tooling, the braiding in the front! just great!

  5. La Principessa

    Wow, I’m so jealous! Thrifting in NYC is almost a moot point–everything is so picked over. Still, I’ll be posting the results from the Thrift Score Challenge soon (I’m still waiting for a few pics), and admiring everyone else’s good stuff is keeping me excited about thrifting!

  6. tricia

    la principessa: you know, everyone says thrifting in NYC sucks and that it’s so picked over…but when i lived there i managed to find some amazing stuff! not the heaps of amazing stuff i found in other locales, but still, amazing stuff…so i don’t know. get out there and keep looking! 😛 hehe.

  7. ambika

    Love the shoes. The red boots look like Campers? At least around the toe.

    I find that thrifting really, really regularly is what scores the good finds. There are days I go & find nothing and days I go & stumble upon the most amazing stuff. It’s really about persistence.

  8. La Principessa

    I actually did find an amazing bag at a salvie here once, but compared to other places, the prices are higher and the selection is smaller. Did you have any particularly extraordinary haunts, though?

  9. kitb

    Just to let u know I love your blog. This is my first time here and I just spend some time to go through the whole thing. I love all the colourful stuff~

  10. tricia

    the salvation army & goodwill on e. 23rd street across from SVA and pearl sometimes had some good stuff. i found two of my favorite pairs of boots there.

    also, i found good stuff at the salvation army on w. 47th, the huge one between 11th and 12th (i think…you’ll wanna search for exact directions).

    beacon’s closet and buffalo exchange in brooklyn turned up a ton of stuff for me. not thrift per se but still cheap as far as clothes go. i used to exchange old clothes there a lot and got some freakin awesome pieces there.

  11. miss mary jane

    I’m going to be making a week-long trip to SanFran in about a month,
    and i was wondering if you could email me a list of some of the places you thrift shop.

    im not too familiar with the area, but thrifting is something I have my heart set on for when I get there!!!

    email me :::

    thanks a bunch, doll!