finished, found, and a bit of fancy

finished is…
zig zag scarf, finished!

finally, officially, and thankfully done with the zig-zag scarf…i finally got around to weaving in all those ends. came out exactly as i pictured in my mind: a short scarf that serves as a severe shot of color.

found is…
paris, rome, london!

this enid collins-esque 1960s tote, featuring motifs celebrating rome, paris and london! a little expensive, but too cute to pass up. of course, from my favorite san francisco thrift, glorious, great thrift town.

a bit of fancy is…
bird in a nest

a few feathery fripperies i want to fashion into hats, eventually…just too tweet.


  1. Amy

    Lovely scarf. I love the color combos.

    P.S. Where did you get your vintage looking dressform? I have been looking at buying one, but only seem to see any on ebay thus far.

  2. Erica

    your bag reminds me of a scarf i picked up last week, with a PARIS LONDON ROME print all over. :o) i like the colorful zigzag scarf as well, it’s like having a little bit of grandma’s afghan to carry with you.

  3. ashleysue

    Have you found a good website for millinery supplies? I’ve been trying to make my own hats, too, but only seem to find websites for the Red Hat Society!

  4. paper.string.cloth.

    Hi Tricia,
    This week I have decided to come out of lurking to send big thankyou’s and votes of appreciation to my favourite bloggers. I look forward to all your postings and fashion musings, and though I know you will have heard it a million times over, your personal style and quirkiness, put simply. ROCKS. Thanks for sharing, inspiring and creating!

  5. Rachelle

    I love the happy happy scarf! What a way to brighten up a dreary winter day. It’s crappy here in NYC when it’s supposed to be warm-ish. I wish I had something like that to wrap around my neck!

  6. Jen

    The scarf looks amazing! You should consider doing a zig zag blanket like that – it would be so cozy. Cheers!