if money was no object…

this installment of if money was no object… gets back to my roots: love for the bright, bold, and brash.


like this organic/modern big bauble by german jeweler(s?) garzareck & todorov:


delia’s is behind this simple sleeveless sweater, and those rich green linen short-alls. i adore the clashing/complimentary orange and aqua stripes in the sweater…they give it a fun energy. and as for the romper, it’s just cute. and i’m all about the cute…


eva new york has one of the eley kishimoto frocks i have been coveting since the spring 2007 shows last fall…i love that the overall look is loose and a bit demure, while the short length and bold print sends it into another stratosphere stylistically, one that edges on confident and sexy:

i’d have a closet full of eley kishimoto if i could. every single thing they create suits my aesthetic so precisely it could be as if it was made for such alone.


though not bright, bold, or brash, i can’t help but covet these simple denim leggings, just released by built by wendy, a long time favorite designer of mine…like the copy says, these make a great layer among a myriad of layers.


and last but not least, these sassy red and rainbow canvas slingback sandals by rocket dog (found at schuh), which are almost unattainable (for me anyway), as the company seems to have only released them in the UK.

bad decision on your part, rocket dog, i’m sure you would have made sales here, most definitely with ME…you should sell the same shoes worldwide, in all markets! tsk, tsk!


  1. Kate

    They’re selling those Rocket Dog shoes in Canada… now if only I could find a size 9!

  2. La Principessa

    Built by Wendy is one of my favorite brands of all time, and the only line that I’m ALWAYS willing to pay retail for (sorry, Marc!). I ask for at least one of her pieces every year for my birthday and Christmas.