5.7.2007 & 5.9.2007



this look could rightly be called “dirty-windblown-high-street-paris-sightseeing-style-a -la-tricia”. my hair was one with the wind.

i’m getting pretty bored with this uniform of mine (it’s popular world over!) but it’s comfortable for traveling through europe (amsterdam, paris…and starting tomorrow antwerp). i predict changes upon my return to SF. it’s time for a shift…i feel changes coming on to my aesthetic. been wearing this stuff for years, before it sort of went uber-mass, and now i’m sort of getting sick of it.

(eta: maybe i was getting sick of it b/c it was all i had in the suitcase, in retrospect! but change is good and i’m going to push for it very hard now that i’ve returned…i feel like my personal style needs more tweaking, more pushing, more experimentalism.)

p.s. i’m in the courtyard of the louvre museum in paris.

-red scarf: UO
-black jacket: UO
-purple zebra stripe v-neck tee: H&M
-black tank: AA
-black jeans: UO
-black boots: salvation army
-gray bag: ananas
-black vintage dangling earrings: salvation army
-labrodorite cocktail ring: NY adorned (NYC tattoo/jewelry shop)




in antwerp, belgium.

again, i can’t say it enough: everything i own is filthy! ugh! so glad to be going back to the states…if for no other reason than being able to wash my clothes! 😛

-black scarf: vintage
-black twill jacket: UO
-white long sleeve tee: AA
-white and fluorescent orange striped tank: H&M
-gray jeans: old navy
-black boots: thrifted
-gray leather bag: ananas


  1. Gladys

    Welcome back!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. One thing I love about travel is how it can make me think about who I am, where I’m going, and inspire me to change!

    In order to make travel easier, you need to pack less — which does mean having a sort of “uniform” to mix and match things. You will get tired of it, but when you get home, all the clothes you left behind suddenly seem “new”. And, you can always pack less to save room for buying things as you travel!

  2. vicky

    i LOVE your style, its not similar to mine at all and thats why i love it.
    i am a transplant from california/virginia to belfast northern ireland and i am not sure if you noticed but every young thing in europe who follows the fashion mags dress the same, and bastardize the cute things like, the scarves and the skinny jeans and big bags. not because they like it out of personal; style but because ho-hanis doing it.
    i would love to just wear that stuff but i cant bring myself to do it. i know i should just wear what i want but i strain to be unique maybe in a decade or so i can wear my skinny jeans and real alexander mcqueen skull scarf…
    by the way I LOVE YOUR BLOG, well presented and easy to read, i just wish i could get the magazine you write for for less than $25 an issue (damn adorn subcriptions don’t do international…) i really enjoy your thoughts and find you super inspiring… you rock lady!