seven (things about me)

i’m sure i probably talk about myself too much as it is…but ages ago someone tagged me to divulge seven things about myself. so after several glasses of sangria, i’ll indulge whoever that was (and i guess amuse myself by getting nostalgic in the process).


one: i’ve lived in six states in my lifetime. in order: ohio, michigan, connecticut, florida, new york, and now california. florida was the state i lived in the longest, for a total of 19 years, from 1985 to 2004.

two: i was the president of my high school’s art club my senior year of high school. i suppose it was foreshadowing, because art has always been a fascination for me, as well as a vocation/advocation. also says something about (what may now be) latent leadership qualities, i guess!? who knew? it was fun, though! we made linocut print cards for meals on wheels around holiday time and took a field trip to the ringling museum in sarasota, florida.

three: from elementary school through middle school, i was a singer. a soprano! who scored lots of solos! i sang the lead in a church play in 8th grade which required me to sing the whole time, leading groups of little children in song! ever since my sinuses started acting up as i got older (they are congenitally crappy), i have stopped singing.

four: when peter (my husband of nearly 9 years) and i got married in 1998, we had the the star wars theme song played as we walked into the reception hall.

five: i have a girl crush on tattooist kat von d., though her personal style is nothing like mine. this may also be connected to the fact i find well-done tattoos incredibly sexy, especially arm sleeves. conversely and inexplicably, i have an aversion to most leg tattoos. go figure!

six: i like walking. today i walked from my house to the thrift store and fabric store, and then back the same way for dinner later, for a total of three miles. i am not much of an exerciser, and don’t own a car…so it works out pretty well.

seven: given a choice, i’d honestly choose fruit or fruity candy over chocolate.


i’m not the type to re-tag. too chain-letter-esque for me.


  1. jennifer

    a friend of mine asked if i would play the imperial march at my wedding. i told him i wouldn’t have a wedding. ;p

  2. Jennine

    beautiful! when i got married i wanted the grease ‘your the one that i want’ song played… but my (ex) husband was like no way.

    do you still sing?

  3. tricia

    jennine: nope, i do not sing anymore. weirdly enough, right after middle school i just quit. not sure why! now when i try to sing i feel like i sound too nasal (because of sinus problems). but when a good song comes on i do sing along. 🙂 it feels good.

  4. Gina

    Nice interesting little tidbits. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I share your girl crush on Kat Von D.