sustainably (styled)


second-hand ethically made = stylish


thrifted cocktail hat
(thrift town, SF)

sustainably (styled)
(goodwill, haight street, SF)

sustainably (styled)
(goodwill and american apparel, both on haight street, SF)

sustainably (styled)
(goodwill, haight street, SF)

sutainably (styled)
(goodwill, haight street, SF)


the good pieces are out there, i promise! the stylish stuff, the beautifully designed stuff. train your eyes and keep them peeled.

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  1. Casey

    Those are awsome finds!! I seriously love every single piece; that jacket has to be my ultimate favorite out of everything pictured though!! I’ve lately been on a real thrifting kick; finding some *amazing* things… I really prefer buying secondhand if nothing else because its a form of recycling (always a good thing and something I’m trying to intigrate more and more into my lifestyle) and it fits into my tiny budget. šŸ™‚ Plus, its a good source to feed my vintage clothing obsession… *grin*

  2. di

    Fantastic finds, although I don’t know that I could wear the gold leggings myself!
    The coat looks great- the fabric looks fantastic- great texture and quality.

  3. Marlena

    On every picture I thought, “That’s the best thing ever!” You weren’t kidding about that haul! I’ve been such a lazy shopper, I have to get back into the hunt mentality.

  4. maya

    i can’t help but question the ethics of a company that does not allow its workers to unionize, that requires its employees to submit photos with their applications, that advertises itself with amateur-porn style images of underage-looking girls, and whose CEO has been repeatedly accused of sexual harrassment.

    child labor is a terrible thing, and AA is certainly a step in the right direction. however, just because they are the biggest does not mean they are the best. it is important to note that consumers have options besides american apparel.

    some examples:

  5. tricia

    maya: i didn’t say they were the biggest, or best….actually, anything of the sort. merely that they were making/selling a somewhat more sustainable product within the context of this post. i’m also aware of the issues with AA and it’s ceo, etc. again, not the issue in this particular post.

    all that said, thanks for the links.

  6. maya

    hey, i understand that. my comment was a response to your heading describing the clothes as ‘ethically made.’ i am under the impression that a lot of people read your blog, and some of them may not be aware of american apparel’s sometimes questionable ethics or be aware that there alternative companies. just thought it worth mentioning. props for supporting sustainable clothing (and even more for blogging about it)!

  7. Rebecca

    I bought a jacket in a shape similar to that (for a dollar at thrift), but I’m having trouble wearing it much. I like it, but my kids think the shoulders are just too big. It’s just a matter of time, though, so I’ll keep it and wait for my confidence to build, styles to change, or my kids to grow up and move out. he hee.