if money was no object…

if money was no object…

i’d take any of these:


these interestingly beaded earrings by meeshka, which have a lovely colorway that is reminiscent of the seashore and summertime:

meeksha earrings.png


here be the ‘fennel’ earrings by one of my favorite jewelry designers the world over, kyo hashimoto. her latest jewelry collection is called ‘the anatomy of f’. all the pieces in this latest group of designs have a name beginning with ‘f’.

kyo earrings.png

these subtly remind me of the interesting tribal ear stretchers some folks wear.


i love all the hand-wrought crochet/felt jewelry by kjoo! these earrings of hers are rather lovely, with their found-object feel:



not much gets me going over at UO these days (it mostly looks and feels cheap, and a lot of it is not my personal style) but i am very enamored with this graphic tote. i have always been a sucker for geometric prints and bright colors.



though i don’t use it much anymore (because of great changes with the site that i don’t like), i still collect/organize some links to things i love over at stylehive. feel free to peruse, if you’re so inclined.


  1. Amy

    Not only is Meeshka’s jewelry BEAUTIFUL but the website is SO clean! Thanks for this link, also Kya’s. Gosh so much creativity out there (and so little money, boooo)

  2. Erica

    I’ve lately been feeling the same as you regarding UO; back in the day it was my favorite store and nowadays I feel mostly blah about what I see. (The bag you featured is cute, though.) Maybe we aren’t part of their target demographic anymore…

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