patti smith on art and struggle

there is some truth in this quote, i think:

“If someone wants to be an artist and communicate, they have to know right away that being a true artist by design is a marginal thing, and it’s going to be a struggle. In the end, part of the joy of being successful is that you rose from a struggle.”

-seminal rock musician patti smith, bust magazine, june/july 2007

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  1. Josi

    I know it make the triumphs more wonderful, but egads! some days I’m so tired of that struggle…

    I mean, y’know – I had been hearing that sort of stuff from artists my whole life, but my own concept of what that struggle was, before living it myself… I guess I saw it in terms of stuff like writer’s block and getting your “lucky break” and probably a lot of other stuff that comes from sitcoms.

    But the reality of that struggle is so different than any of that because it has to do with other people most of the time. I’ve had no end of bad offers from publishers (crap like $7000 flat fee and no royalties for 25 patterns), of people stealing my stuff, of needing to be competitive with people who have less talent but more ability to schmooze… that stuff wears a gal down after a while – as I know you have had to deal with as well.

    It’s not that I expect it to be easy, but I’m willing to work hard. It’s the politics of it all that exhausting in their ridiculousness.