wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

oops! i spaced out and forgot to do the weekly wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week post yesterday! but again, i have an excuse! well, two!

one: i was cleaning out my closets and sorting through my wardrobe (more on that later)!
two: i went out to dinner with a new friend, lisa! and saw the opening of an art show, by annie! and i bought a piece of art (which will be a birthday gift for peter, my dear husband)!

so, yes. one day off. hope you’ll forgive! it was all for a good cause: less clutter, and more happiness!


so, for me missing a day, i thought i’d show off a couple extra, for your enjoyment!

keep on rocking it, wardrobe_remix(ers)!! you look as fabulous as ever. you know i love you!

so, yeah…without any further ado, your wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week…!


moon monster:
cocktail time

Rainy Day in Hawaii- Wardrobe Remix


and i would walk five thousand miles to be the one that falls down at your door

sherbet tone:
Remix 12.

sweet citrus...



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  1. Anusha

    Aaah, I thought I was the only one around who had that same Target jacket CRASH-candy’s wearing! It’s one of my favorite cold-weather jackets. How I wish they made more colorful cold-weather clothes.

  2. lessake

    awww, thanks for choosing me, I’m flattered!!!
    I’m so happy I found w_r, it has inspired and encouraged me so much!