wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

it’s that time again.

and this time i didn’t flake and forget!

perhaps it was due to having a gloriously restful fourth of july holiday (independence day for us americans)? perhaps my slight sunburn burned the duty to post this weeks wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week into me?

at any rate, here’s this week’s fill!


Wardrobe Remix 11


wardrobe remix 290607

staff parking only

La Meow Vintage:


remember: you can click on the photo of any of these terrific wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photo or outfit, and explore their flickr photostream. all of the photos are owned by the awesome people who are depicted in them, of course!

join us over at wardrobe_remix and show off your awesome EVERYDAY trendbusting and trend-SETTING personal style!

spread the word!

and see you there!


  1. tricia

    sanddancer: there are a few men…i love to feature them when i can. šŸ™‚ take a look through the old “remix(ers) o’ the week”, you’ll see i try to put at least one in most times…though admittedly, not in the past several weeks. i wish there were more! šŸ™‚