burda style: free sewing patterns on the web

burda, the german-based sewing pattern company is behind what i think is an extremely clever idea: FREE sewing patterns one can download off the web! open-source sewing!

burda style patterns.png
(photo via burda style)

no need to constantly strategically plan trips to one’s local fabric store, or shell out piles of cash for patterns if you don’t wanna…burda makes these select and stylishly modern patterns (and more) available via their burda style website. you simply download the pdf’s of the pattern, print them and the provided instructions, assemble the pattern as needed, and sew!

want to make it green, too? you could always use recycled fabric or linens from the local thrift store/charity shop or your closet as the source for the fabric for these fashionable frocks!

perfect for those of you out there who like to take fashion into your own hands…and not always leave it in the hands of major corporations.


i’m loving the marie skirt, myself (that’s the one second row down, second photo from left in the grid of photos shown above). it kind of reminds me of the peg skirt portion of the dress i made as one of my final garments while studying at parsons! i think it would be quite sassy (and more than a little sexy!) in a metallic (perhaps brightly colored?) lamè, perfect for hitting the town and probably pretty with one of my favored cocktail hats! i may have to swing by the discount fabrics later today and see what i can see. hmmm!!


(via nikkishell, of wardrobe refashion fame!)


  1. S

    Wow–that skirt for your thesis is fantastic. Where did you find the gold linen? I am having a tough time finding lame in a natural fabric like linen or cotton I live in NYC–did you get it here?

  2. tricia

    s: i found the gold linen fabric at a place on w.40th street, half a block west of the parsons’s building on the opposite/south side of the street. for some reason, the name of the place escapes me! arg! but it’s big, big, big. it’s NOT paron fabrics or whatever…


    that map seems to have it on there, perhaps it’s the one @ 218 w. 40? if not, it’s very, very close to there. it was over a year ago, so there’s no guarantee they’ll still have it, but check anyway, you never know.

    they are sort of expensive but they have a TON of very nice fabric and it’s well organized.

    man, i miss NYC…and the garment district is but one of many reasons why.

  3. jennifer

    i heard that burda had free online patterns… i love that same skirt that you love, along with a few other garments in there (and a few i think i could alter to fit my fancy).

    you know, after the whole searching for personal style conversation we had on this blog earlier in the week (last week?), i’ve been collecting inspiration of garments i love and looks that i love from flickr, and then creating a wishlist of items i think would be good (wearable, wonderful, lovable, beautiful) additions to my closet.

    and then i went to my favorite secondhand shop and took some risks with clothing, and bought two dresses and a scarf! i’ll have to do some refashioning for both, but i’m really excited about the garments.

    yay! so i guess that was a pretty inspiring discussion we had.

  4. ashley

    THANK YOU! I almost bought a Simplicity pattern like the Burda Maria skirt you mentioned, but since I was at Hobby Lobby, $8 seemed like a lot (especially since Joann’s is having a 1.99 Simplicity pattern sale this weekend). I’m also loving the pink frock top in the upper left corner. This is a wonderful tidbit, and a bit more extra inspiration that I need.

    Too bad I have barely enough for the dress I want to make, otherwise I’d be glad to part with some of my pink lame that I got on sale for $1.20 a yard last Christmas!

  5. Eileen

    I’ve made the Marie skirt and I love it! It was also extremely easy to make, only taking about 3 hours (including finding fabric from the stash and running about looking for a zipper)

  6. Sadie

    Hey there! Loyal bitsandbobbins/pintuck lurker here…We share a love for vintage, vibrant colours and quirky items.
    Just thought I’d pass along that I saw one of your pics on the decor8 blog this week.
    Keep on keepin’ on!
    PS: Go Burda!

  7. tricia

    sadie: hey, thanks! i knew about the decor8 thing…pretty cool! holly’s got herself a wonderful blog, so inspiring.

  8. Rebecca

    That’s awesome!

    I have been really thinking recently about doing some sewing. I just have to disconnect myself from the keyboard long enough to do it. lol

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  10. Susan

    You always find the neatest links and coolest pics. I’m learning to sew and these Burda patterns are right up my alley. Thanks for that!

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