if money was no object…

wow, it’s been a long time since i have done an if money was no object post! apparently the last one was on june 26th! so it seems the right time to do one again.

patchwork-y and quirky is the name of the game for me of late, as evidence, i present these objects of my affection, below, for your perusal.


these felt baubles my french designer virginie bois are cartoonishly amazing:



this patchwork-y tank by alexandre herchcovitch (available at creatures of comfort, one of my favorite online retailers, hands down) has a riotously colorful look that exudes relaxed though extroverted cool:



my friend erin weckerle of sodafine manages to stock her shop chock-a-block with the most amazing wearables. it’s smart, understated, and intelligent stuff…that absolutely seethes with style and a downtown/arty sophistication. she carries this particular pair of chie mihara shoes in her shop (online and otherwise). and i can’t stop thinking about them and imagining them with many a thing in my now smaller and more serviceable closet:


i love the thick width of the ankle strap, and the revealing cut of the shoe. it’s flat and sensible, yet also sexy and almost a little retro-futuristic? is that even possible?? i don’t know, but i do know i find them covetable.


i haven’t owned a pair of converse in over 15+ years. i’m probably they are everywhere again these days, embraced by the punk/indie crowd (neither of which i identify with at all). thus, i find them to be overwhelmingly ubiquitous, not really thing and i’ve generally refused to wear them or anything like them. however, i might make an exception for this pair of red label patchwork converse kicks (available at delia’s), whose general aesthetic is so “me” it actually factually hurts. 😛 plus they support project red, the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis, and malaria, so even better.



and okay, this isn’t anything REMOTELY wearable, but if money was REALLY no object, i’d take this mid-century beaut of a house in west nyack, new york please:

nyack house.png

imagine it, of course, without all their old-fashioned/country stuff…and with some nice mid-century/modern pieces peppered throughout instead. that fireplace spot is BEGGING for a sizeable piece of amazing art. the whole space is LUSTING for color and life. and that staircase…those WINDOWS! ahhh. *deep sigh*

yup, we’re definitely considering a move back east…eventually.


  1. Riley

    I love the patchwork tank. And I still live in my converses, although my pumas and vans have been getting exceptional coverage. I guess I kinda live in my sneakers (wide feet).

    When I was in Skagway, Alaska this past week, I met a fashion designer and bought one of her original handbags. She also made gorgeous corsets that I tried on but could not afford. Beautiful though.

  2. Jossette

    I typed a long thing about this whole Red thing :/ but I forgot to answer the security question.

    Basically I just think that while the Red website talks about us “collectively as consumers” need to make a choice about what to buy, and that buying the Red business model is better than not, but after that $10 “vote” to the Red business model, the rest of my “vote” would be going to the existing business practices of companies like Nike (converse).

    Also that the white shoes are super cute and i love retro-future, and those baubles are crazy insane cute.

  3. jill

    i love that west nyack house! where did you see it?

    im going to look at this gorgeous waterfront cottage on city island on sunday. i haven’t even seen it yet and already have it decorated. *sigh*

  4. annie

    where on the east have you lived? i’m from upstate ny, living in minneapolis now and thinking of sf in a year for grad school and warmth!

    i’m a poor artist, any advice on where to live and which school to apply to as i know there are several mfa programs there. i don’t have friends in sf so i’m a bit lost as far as where to even begin with the plans and journey.

    p.s. great blog