new (and) used

first, the new:

a recycled acrylic resin giant bangle from brazilian jewelry artist r. sobral. found at the san francisco museum of modern art last week:

recycled acrylic bracelet

all of his work is riotously colorful and completely, completely amazing, in my not so humble opinion. and truthfully, rather affordable.


then, the used:

the original skinny jeans! ha! nothing comes between me and my calvin klein (jeans pattern)!

nothing comes between me and my calvins

escada shorts from the 80s. i love the LOUD print emblazoned across them! other people’s opinions be damned (as per usual).

80s escada shorts!

ann taylor purple pumps:

purple ann taylor pumps

is it just me, or are purple shoes generally hard to find, whether new or used? i rarely see them in thrifts, much less in new shoe stores.


  1. Nancy

    that bracelet is fantastic! and i can’t wait to see your tricia-made Calvins (if you’re planning to make them? or just frame the package… it is pretty awesome). and i agree with you about purple shoes. i am always drawn to them when I do see them, though. i have a plum-colored pair of ballet flats and I love them.

  2. Gina

    I agree. I once had great purple shoes from Nine West, but they are long-departed. I recently found a pair purple slingbacks from Chie Mihara (on SALE!), so that made the sting of those Nine West shoes disappear.

  3. ambika

    The bracelet is amazing and congrats on finding that pattern!

    Also, agreed on the purple shoes difficulties. I found some farylrobins at a thrift store and jumped on them as if my life depended on it. Sadly, my feet were too wide. I’ve yet to find any other purple shoes. Maybe when winter comes…?

  4. sanddancer

    Beautiful bracelet!

    Strangely enough, UK shops seem to be having a bit of a ‘purple shoe moment’ right now – I’ve seen a few pairs this week and Topshop have a rather nice pair of purple Mary Janes in.

  5. stitchtowhere

    purple shoes! they are more rare than steak in france!

    i’ve been searching for a solid pair of purple flats for years… i’m considering spray painting a pair already.

  6. Catgirrrl

    That’s a very beautiful bracelet.

    I rarely see purple shoes but my favorite thrift find this year was just that: knee-high flat heeled purple leather boots. I haven’t noticed purple being the “in” color for any seasons in recent years so perhaps that has something to do with it. Aqua, bright pink but no purple.

  7. c.lorraine

    Wow, that Calvin Klein pattern is quite the find! I hope you’ll let us know when you make the jeans! I’m dying to know how they’ll turn out!

  8. Erica

    gorgeous, gorgeous bracelet! and yes, purple shoes are hard to find, i am always looking for the right purple shoe. :o)

  9. Mer

    Looking forward to see your new Calvin Klein jeans! By the way, I loved your scrapbook, I know it’s old news, but I just saw it! Cheers!

  10. valentina

    yes, purple shoes are hard to find. naturalizer (of all places) had fantastic purple shoes a few years back. I’m still kicking myself for not buying at least four pairs.

  11. Rebecca

    My daughter loves her purple pumps, which she did find in a thrift store. Purple is one of her foundational wardrobe colors.