8.2.2007 detail

trying to cheer myself up by dressing like a nut today. also, i’m having some mean, nasty cramps. so, why not wear an insane blue cocktail hat and 70s bellbottoms TOGETHER, right?

-blue vintage feathered cocktail hat with net: thrift town, SF
-black glossy clip-ons with birds on them: salvation army, e. 23rd street, manhattan, NYC (unseen)
-blue denim jacket: thrifted, now i can’t remember where! probably in florida on one of my visits back there. whoops!
-white tank with lace trim: some vintage store on haight
-black and blue fabric belt: alexis bittar
-bleach spot bell bottom jeans with uber high waist: goodwill, haight street, SF
-black patent leather flats: nordstroms a couple weeks ago
-this purse

i’m off to the thrift store and fabric store in a bit. maybe i’ll blow some people’s minds or perhaps their eyeballs right out of their heads with this get-up. fun!


  1. jenny

    that last sentence really has me laughing!!! you are so funny. i absolutely LOVE the idea of minds and eyeballs being blown!

    i bow down to you, oh mighty trish.

  2. jenny

    that second photo is super gorgeous! love seeing you breaking the “rules” tricia.
    i’m packing right now…but i promised you some brasil mag/jean pictures soon…might be next week – πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Kristina

    I love it – also that it is monochromatic but not matchy. Report back on the looks you got, por favor!

  4. Kyle

    I was lucky enough to have my eyeballs blown own in person today, so I can attest to the outfit’s effectiveness. I don’t know how I would have missed the beautiful hat! feel better…at least there’s sun out today!

  5. tricia

    thanks everyone! it was a fun outfit to wear out. i definintely got stares! like, “whoa, holy crap!” i’d like to think they were good ones. also some guy yelled out of his truck, “nice hat!” or at least that’s what i am going to think he said, since i had my i-pod on. πŸ˜›

    kyle: what??? where? in the mission? yes, thank goodness it got sunny. the gray makes me sad!

  6. jenny

    nice hat. that’s a crack up. i am just picturing you strut yer stuff with your itunes a’blastin.
    you sassy thing, you.


  7. jennifer

    what a fly outfit. you look pretty normal, excepting the jeans, i think. if they were a solid color i think you’d pass for a completely sane individual, even with the hat!. ;p (only teasing. you look gorgeous and i love that little jacket.)

  8. blingblingkitty

    I saw the outfit and said “what a nut!” (in a GOOOD way), and then scrolled down and read your post..”dressing like a nut”…anyway I love it! You have a great sense of humor and that’ll get you through. I love the quilt you have made and I enjoyed the pictures of your lovely abode. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kyle

    yes! I saw your striking red/blue hair/hat combo just as I was leaving t-town, and was sufficiently delighted by the ensemble. I wanted to wave or something, but realized that might seem strange.

  10. Karen

    I’ve literally been lurking forever and never ever comment on anything but had to come out of hiding today to say – you look amazing!
    Take care of yourself sweetheart so that soon you can get back to regularly scheduled posting – tee hee!
    Karen (UK)

  11. sulu-design

    I’m so glad that I happened upon your blog today. I love your mix of thrifted finds and other choice pieces. Your aesthetic is marvelous. I’m coming back for more!