even more (used) stuff

last week i had the pleasure of thrifting with my new friend, lisa congdon. some of you might know lisa, but if you don’t, well…she’s a san francisco-based creative powerhouse who makes the most amazing art.

but lisa is also a downright amazing person. she is one of those people who is as nice as they appear online as they are in person, if not more.

lisa is real, honest, intelligent, interesting, outgoing and ridiculously talented.

to say that lisa inspires me would be an understatement.


i believe that being in the presence of THE lisa gave me some good thrift ju-ju, because i found lots of lovely things during our thrifting adventure!

thank you, lisa! you rock.


on with the stuff!

gold knit tank


lisa looked at me sideways when i bought this, but i will find a way to do something with this…it makes me laugh.

crazy patchy vest


i’ve got a bit of a thing for neons @ the moment:

neon stripe knit top


mizrahi striped top


green knit collared buttondown


i love this one, it’s just so insane!

insane tie-dye 80s dolman sleeve blouse


calvin klein denim jacket


fluoro for the winter:

fluro 60s coat


gold fabric pumps


these are definitely getting dyed/painted somehow, as i loathe off-white/natural leather:

worishofer wedges


and last but certainly not least, a pair of red woven leather pumps, found for me by lisa when at the goodwill on mission & van ness. did i say she rocks, people? yes, yes i did.

red woven leather shoes


  1. Iconoclastic

    Omg, the fluoro is absolutely beautiful! 🙂 The tank top is such a versatile piece too. Can you guys please send some positive thrifting juju vibes my way? 😛

  2. lisa

    thank you for saying such nice and cool things about me. i needed to hear them today. monday’s suck. on another note, now everytime i go thrifting i am shopping for you. i almost called you three times on saturday to tell you to get your ass down to Thrifttown (and now I see you must have gotten my mental telepathic messages because you bought two of the things i found for you!)

  3. tricia


    mondays do suck! aww. well, take comfort in my words, as they are sincere. and i do hope you have a better day as it rolls on!

    you can call me if you wish! i guess i did get your telepathic messages, b/c i NEVER go to thrift town on a weekends, but did yesterday (after picking up annie’s painting from the candy store). weird, but cool! haha.

  4. tricia

    leigh: thanks for the ebay link! the shoes are lovely. i’m actually about a 7 or so! but thanks anyway, i completely appreciate it!

    iconoclastic: *sending good thrift vibes your way!!*