favorites…and stuff.

(more favorites of the momento here)


other inspirations and obsessive random-osity in trish-land of late, in an all-exclaimation point format!:

-decorating my new loft! (we’ve decided that we’re staying in SF for a while longer, after doing some soul-searching/deep thinking/looking around!)
-on a related note, i’ve been obsessing over/loving the interior-scapes of wary-meyers for months now! amazingness overload.
-my amazingly talented and original friend ally’s knitting blog, sticks and string forever! she inspires me so much.
-iced black tea! hot black tea! TEA!
-collecting funky old vintage teapots!
-snakeskin shoes, in BRIGHT COLORS!
-dance shoes!
-wacky, geometric vintage needlepoint pillows!
fiberarts magazine!
-sunny days!
-an amazing afternoon consists of sitting on the rooftop of a hotel, drinking wine with your girlfriends, and pretending you’re on vacation in your own town!
-anything gold and glittery!
-the beastie boys show in berkeley tonight! should be *awesome*.


and i’m laughing over the truthiness of this video! it’s the the hipster olympics!:


  1. jennifer

    that is a way nice loft; it seems like a place you’d want to live! also, i love black tea. and i love my black tea black. i don’t do this british tea, with milk and sugar or whatever. it’s just.. tea. people drink their coffee; i drink my tea.

  2. Riley

    okay, my whole flipping comment got deleted because i didn’t add two numbers. dammit!

    to recap — let me know the next time you guys go to a bb show. maybe i can join you (if you don’t mind me inviting myself)

    also, i’m interested in seeing your teapot collection. i would love to collect such a thing, but i have nowhere to put them.

  3. tricia

    riley: once i am in the new apartment, i’ll try and remember to take a pic of the teapot collection. it’s small at the moment! only three. but i’d love to someday have one in each color of the rainbow. so far i have a green one, a red one, and an orange one.

    are the BB not playing down in LA? perhaps they did the same week or so that they were here? yes, next time we should make it an event!