SFSF: mai of fashioni.st on valencia street

last week, i spent the better part of a sunny, late summer afternoon walking around the mission with mai, of the fashioni.st, the SF street fashion site i’ve mentioned here a few times already.

mai was lovely to talk to. she graciously filled me in on her m.o. for selecting, approaching, and photographing her subjects. our walk was peppered with fun talk of fashion, life, and beyond, and was punctuated by moments where i was able to watch her at work. i observed that she has a great system for selecting people and gathering images of said people, and it works amazingly for her. and the results are clearly apparent: the diverse individuals featured on her site appear to be full of personality. her website brims with the record of her astutely observed details she includes with each post.

the way mai adorns herself also speaks of a person who delights in the details of fashion. continuing her graciousness, she let me take a few pictures of her.

SFSF:  mai of fashioni.st on valencia street

she was wearing the most amazing super-high-wasted jeans with cartoonishly large but superbly amazing yellow buttons. as she pointed out at one juncture in the conversation, she felt that the circular shapes in her thrifted blouse went conceptually with the circular buttons on the jeans.

SFSF: mai of fashioni.st on valencia street

other definitive details to note in her ensemble: the puffed caps of her sleeves, the pintucks on the sides of the aforementioned jeans, and the ruching on her pointy toed shoes.

thanks, mai!


  1. mai

    Tricia! It was great to have you along, thanks for being such a great sport and walking around (basically in circles) with me.

  2. tricia

    barbe: i know, they are great! she wears them well…better than i ever could!

    mai: it was fun! we should totally do it again. 🙂

  3. delamare

    Wow – an amazing look that completely suits Mai. I would never be able to pull it off, but I think she looks delightful.

    Tricia, I’ve been lurking for a while – just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your blog. you remind me a bit of how I approached dressing when in the 80s (when I was in my 20s).

  4. Evol

    I really like her street fashion blog. Unlike a majority of others I have seen, she tries not to concentrate too much on a certain look. The people pictured come from different fashion backgrounds and I completely love it! Fashionist is very dimensional and that is completely refreshing to see.