favorites…and stuff.



the new apartment is glorious, and slowly coming together…we are now officially on our way to getting it all settled and it’s starting to feel more like a real home, rather than a repository for boxes! i spent a lot of last week moving furniture about, trying to put little decorative items in their place (though, admittedly, maybe not in their most permanent place, as is the way with things in a home…they are fun to move around). my studio is actually pretty much put away, which is the most wonderful thing in my world. i remember it taking ages for me to get around to doing such in our previous apartment…mostly because i was unhappy in that apartment and had recently made a move i was less than happy about. but oh, how times have changed. i couldn’t WAIT to get my studio in order so i could start creating!

ah, still no camera (goodness, how i MISS it!), and still busy as a bee (working, settling)! so, hence the slowness. please forgive. i’m thinking everyone has probably disappeared. anyone even bother reading this anymore? haha!


anyway, some things i am obsessing over or that i am loving at the momento:

-high-waisted skirts and pants. i’ve been wearing and making such (just started putting together a high-waisted skirt in a few free moments i had yesterday)…and i have, as previously alluded to in a post a while back, been pleasantly surprised that such actually looks decent on me! it’s also proof positive that i can, on occasion, give in a little to a trend. or give in a lot. πŸ˜›

-riding my bike to the grocery store! oh god, it’s so cool to be able to do that now. something about that just seems so right. you live so close you can ride there, and you only get what you need, rather than filling your gas-guzzler to the hilt to stock up for a longer haul (a week or more…of things you might not even have time to eat in said time period). one more reason i believe that the suburbs are missing the point! (i’m convinced i’m allergic to suburbs, btw.)

ripple stitch patterns! i have a sick amount of random balls of yarn that need to be used up and i think this might be the answer. sort of a continuation of the aesthetic of that zig-zag scarf i made ages ago, perhaps-a-mundo.

the superb outfits that miss sherbet tone (who posts to wardrobe_remix) dons. she’s got an amazing eye for stylish discards and puts everything together with panache. she’s the type of person i feel i created wardrobe_remix for, when it gets down to brass tacks.

-the cat eye. galadarling and the coveted have recently covered/paid homage to the allure and execution of such maquillage in recent days. i used to wear said look years back, and have started playing around with again of late. fun!


say, what’s inspiring YOU right now? chime in if you please.


  1. sherbet tone/sarah

    Oh goodness, well thanks so much, Tricia. It’s an immense amount of fun being on wardrobe_remix. And I am flattered that others find what I put together interesting. Ha. I am glad to hear the move went well. And I look forward to seeing this high-waisted skirt since (as you know) I am a huge fan of high waists.

  2. Casey

    Hehe… So many of the things that are inspiring you right now are inspiring me!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see that high-waist skirt you’re making. πŸ™‚ I went on a high-waist skirt buying binge last year at thrift stores; I got some awesome skirts from the 1980s that way. πŸ˜€ I just love the look; I tend to wear it with a partially unbuttoned oxford-style shirt. πŸ˜‰ A little naughty, a little nice. *giggle*

    Other things that are inspiring me:

    – Deep, intense “spice” colors; gold, burnt ocher, orange, cinnamon, sage… Must be the change in seasons…

    – 1840s fashion plates. For some odd reason I’m drawn to the rather stuffy/constricting looking gowns right now. Something about all the ruffles, trims and primness. Perhaps this is foretelling a new fashion direction for me? lol.

  3. valuska

    I’m giddy for fall right now. I’m inspired by the stop-motion animation film “Blood Tea and Red String” and am trying to go for a darkly ethereal [heh, if that is possible!] feeling/look this season.

  4. Morgan

    Inspired….October just got here and it is infusing everything in sight! The leaves have changed in many places, I got a pumpkin for my front steps, I’m working on some thrummed mitts that I can’t wait to wear…I made pumpkin muffins last night and got out some Halloween decorations. I love this time of year in general.

    Also, I know what you’re saying about riding to the grocery store. It’s about a 5-6 minute walk for me and although I do walk sometimes (and love doing it), if I have to get anything too heavy I take my scooter. But it feels so “real” living close enough to do that.

    This is my first comment on your blog for some reason but I have been reading for a while. Love it!

  5. Lulu

    I still read it! Everyday I check to see your updates – I havent found anything so inspiring for ages.
    I’m so envious that you have a workroom – I dont have space to stash anything let alone my ever-growing yarn collection, its a distant dream at the moment but one that keeps me going πŸ˜‰
    x Lulu

  6. Kara

    Clothing wise I am happily embracing my cardigans and tights again, not very unusual for me, but I tend to accessorize and tweak it differently to make it feel refreshed. This week I was inspired by your years of praising the yo-yo and I can say that you made a believer out of me! They are just so simply sweet and satisfying to make!

  7. jani

    Hi Tricia,
    I used to read your LJ blog, and sometimes comment, (I am the Older Lady from NJ who went to Parsons in the 70’s, my LJ name is allilane),Anyhow,
    My son Jesse (graphic designer) is moving to San Fransisco, & I was wondering, how did you find your place? (if you don’t mind.)
    He is out there staying with friends, keeps looking on craigslist,but says no one is answering him…did you go to a realtor? thanks for any info/advice.
    Your bits blog is a joy to read, even to an old fashion hound living in nj.