wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

holy crap! today was such a busy day at work…and i basically COMPLETELY spaced and forgot about my weekly wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week post (which i usually do and post in the mornings)! my apologies! better late than never, they say, right? right. πŸ™‚

and jeepers creepers, wardrobe_remix is getting BIG, people!!! over 5600+ now. how insane is that?? it seems like it’s hitting some sort of critical mass now. i am wondering what’s driving up the numbers so rapidly the past couple of weeks/months. have you all been posting about it more in your blogs? thanks, if you are! if you have an inkling on how it’s been getting more popular lately, feel more than free to comment or email me and shed some light! *mwah!*

also…i’m thinking with the larger numbers of photos being posted to wardrobe_remix that i need to either a.) do more than one of these posts a week, or b.) add more photos to these posts when i do them once a week, because people, you are f-ing amazing and there’s about a billion superb wardrobe_remix shots in any given week of late! i think b.) is better for me at the moment because i’m uber busy with life and my day jobby-job. it’s incredibly hard to choose just a few! i thought it was hard before, but now, it’s just crazy good and thus crazy harder to pick just a few! a few extra this time it is.


this here is the original weekly wardrobe_remix recap of the latest and the greatest from the community, from yours truly, the creator of wardrobe_remix!

any wardrobe_remix photos that find themselves here are about great style + great photography = the two meet and merrily marry to make a perfect expression of YOU! and i’ve said it a million times before, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it…the ticket is the confidence and sureness you exude when you express yourself the way that makes YOU feel most comfortable. that confidence shines through and is captured on film! so whether you’re wearing couture clothes from the finest designers, mass market threads, thrifted stuff, or even a shirt you found on the side of the road…rock it! it’s ALL GOOD and it’s ALL WELCOME in wardrobe_remix!



October 1st


elegant musings (check out her blog, too!):
this dressmaker means business!

03/10: ice cream is gonna save the day

too lazy to iron

birthday wardrobe remix 10.4.07


school girl dolly


thanks to everyone who’s been posting about wardrobe_remix or featuring fashions and folks from the group in their own blogs. thanks for getting the word out. i am glad that wardrobe_remix inspires you! remember to give credit to the people in the aforementioned photos (if you use them in your blog posts, etc.) and to wardrobe_remix itself. it’s good internet/blogging karma!


remember: you can click on the photo of any of these terrific wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photo or outfit, explore their flickr photostream, and beyond. all of the photos are owned by the awesome people who are depicted in them, of course!

join us over at wardrobe_remix and show off your awesome EVERYDAY trendbusting and trend-SETTING personal style!

spread the word!

and see you there!


  1. Casey

    Thanks for featuring me, Trisha!! πŸ™‚ What a great surprise to wake up to today! And thank you for the link to my blog too…

    Wow–all these picks for the week are amazing. I am so inspired by all the uber-creative people who contribute to WR! And congrats on the amazing number of members!!! Its been exciting to see how WR has grown over the past year I’ve been watching it! πŸ™‚ Won’t it be something if it ever reaches (dare I speculate?!) 10,000 members?!

  2. eden

    wow wow wow, thank you for including me! i am tickled to be on the WR radar, however miniscule a blip i am πŸ™‚ i love having begun posting to WR this summer and look very forward to continuing on into the winter and so forth! you rock and hope you have a swell weekend πŸ™‚

  3. mai

    i love the green flats of the first two picks and the gray oxfords of softestthing in the middle. i heard a fashion designer once say that if you could figure out your hair and shoes, everything would work out in-between… so, cheers wardrobe_remixers! good job figuring that out. πŸ™‚

  4. Piksi

    Thanks for the honour to be included! I joined wardrobe_remix just a few weeks ago and I’m totally addicted now, I really love this group. Looking forward to being inspired again and again πŸ™‚

  5. hoyan

    i love seeing your picks because often they’re ones i missed in the pool, and now that i look at them they are completely surprising and amazing. thank you tricia!

  6. Kristen

    Hey, I really loved the remixers revealed profiles. I’m sure you’re busy, but will there ever be more of those interviews? They were really great and it was so inspiring to hear what people said about their own styles.

  7. tricia

    glad you like the picks, all! i have fun picking them out. πŸ™‚

    kristen: i may do the “remix(ers)_revealed” posts again, but i think i may limit it to 1 a week, once things slow down a bit in my personal life. i was doing 3x per week at it’s peak, but that was too much, i think, as i am only one person and need to work, etc.! πŸ˜› so stay tuned.

  8. tricia

    oh yeah, and mai: i wholeheartedly agree! a total look isn’t anything without the hair and the shoes…so perfect. and it just so happened that the girls here had TERRIFIC shoes…which was all the more reason to include them!

    casey: i’m scared if it reaches 10,000! there’s no way i could manage it myself at that point…yikes! it’s about to outgrow flickr as it is…. πŸ˜›

  9. vintagevixxen

    tricia, thanks so much! what a great honor to be a remixer of the week! and thank you for creating this group – it is such a great source of inspiration. rock on!

  10. Miss Shoo

    Another lovely round of stylish ladies. I really heart Piksi + instantly – look at her pose, so proper and perfect.

    Both Piksi + merefflorescence are both wearing green flats, love it!