drinking green tea from my favorite handmade mug, which was made by an extremely talented classmate of mine in ceramics, back when i was an undergrad at the university of north florida. it’s salt glazed.

-black vest: dries van noten, thrifted for $4 @ thrift town, SF. i think it might be menswear, looks like it was part of a suit
-black puff sleeved blouse, thrifted
-red high-waisted red-orange skirt: gianfranco ferre from the 1980s, thrifted
-yellow tights: H&M
-black boots of amazingness: frye
-gold bracelets: thrifted
-black denim covered clipons: thrifted


  1. Casey

    Wow! I love this look (especially the red skirt! ;). I especially like how you’ve paired the vest with the high waisted skirt. I’m usually afraid to obscure my waist when I’m wearing something high waisted for fear of looking boxy, but this looks great!! 🙂

  2. ambika

    Oh! Love it. The yellow of the tights is very subtle against how bright that red/orange is–didn’t even notice them until I read your description.

    I’ve been resisting the lure of frye’s but might succumb this year. We’ll see.

  3. Kara

    This ensemble looks absolutely brilliant on you! And you couldn’t be more correct, those boots are totally “black boots of amazingness”, I wish I had some black boots of amazingness!!!