whoa…busy days lately! i’ve been working like a dog lately with work-work (i worked TWELVE hours today!) and personal projects. we even threw an impromptu dinner party for 13 on saturday, which was an amazing time and a super success!

i feel like i look a little unhappy here, but honestly, i’m not. just wondering if i’ll get everything done! even though i don’t want to admit it, i think i am happier when busy! less time to think = a happier tricia!

-black vintage saks 5th ave sheer blouse: thrifted when i was a teenager, i believe. it’s waaaay old.
-black tank: AA
-grey skinnies: old navy
-oscar de la renta vintage scarf with lightening bolt print, made in japan, tied in a bow: thrifted
-black ankle boots: thrifted
-gold and white clip ons: thrifted


random though pertinent thought i had while getting dressed this morning: i am particularly proud of my outfits when they are mostly sourced from a thrift store, as if i somehow feel i’m pulling one over on the man. or giving the finger to the clothing industry and it’s marketing machine that implores us to buy, and buy new, all the time. why bother when often times you can find it all the second time over?


  1. Jessica

    I agree! I always love it when my outfits are mostly thrifted as well.

    Just stumbled upon your blog and Wardrobe Remix … love them! Keep it up!


  2. Jessica

    I get more compliments on thrifted outfits over store bought. It takes a little more effort to make something old look new again.

  3. Amelia

    so true (the pertinent thought). daily i find myself doing a quick mental check – what am i wearing today that is from the op shop? and daily i take great satisfaction that there is almost always something – and it’s particularly good on those days when i am at work or when i get a compliment. and my little girl – she’s usually in op shop finds from top to toe.