1. sarah

    wow, did you follow the model on that site you posted? that hair piece looks great!

    I love how the leaf in the back looks like it’s dancing along…

  2. Ashe Mischief

    The cocktail band looks absolutely beautiful! I love the red and orange, combined with the colors on your hair.

    And autumn! Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than the colors of autumnal leaves floating about and reminding you of the change in seasons. Driving home (from Bloomington to NOLA home) yesterday, I felt this wonderful surge of earth-love-life-death because of the season’s vibrancy.

  3. sarah

    tricia – ah, sorry! The “simple yet sassalicious hair do-hickies” from Oct 23rd? Anyhow, confusion aside, it looks fantastic. I’d love to hear how you put it together.

  4. tricia

    sarah: actually, no, i didn’t! i had had the materials around for a while to make some cocktail hats/facinators, and if anything, her little tute reminded me of what i had already wanted to do for some time now! it wasn’t until quite recently that i actually had the time, unfortunately, just so busy with work and other projects (writing, etc.).

  5. jen

    what a colourful, fabulos day! your hat reminds me of a lot of the hats my great-gran had. they’re still in the closet in my old bedroom somewhere!