(not so) random links

-i am in super love with this paul richard quote posted on apartment therapy: los angeles:

colors are promiscuous. they get infected by their neighbors.

and it’s true: colors are influenced by the other colors that they hang around with, the light in which they live, the other colors that sit by them on the color wheel. for instance, red can lean in various directions, sometimes more toward the color to their right or left, sometimes becoming a bluish-red, or a yellowy red. and so on. it’s a gradient. i love color so much sometimes i wish i could eat it.


-not sure if i have any readers in LA (perhaps i do? speak up!), and it’s short notice, but if you’re in so-cal, and a fan of the work of lisa congdon, do check out her latest solo show, charming creatures, at firefly, in venice. the opening party is tomorrow eve from 6-10pm. go lisa! more info here, on lisa’s blog.


-adding to the link in my (not so) random links list from last week about luxury not being so luxurious, and fancy bags just being hype, a backlash seems to be brewing against those ridiculous “it-bags”… eric wilson of the new york times asks: is this it for the “it bag”? (let’s hope so.)


-hats are haute. told you so! still don’t believe me? see old hat? not any more… from the telegraph, and this hat-positive missal from the ever so stylish styleista, the vintage society.


i been watching the gap flounder for years now via the pages of WWD…they are so, so lost, so irrelevant, so un-hip, so middle-management heavy, losing money, and digging their own grave. this observer expose on their deplorable child labor practices in india probably won’t do much to help their image, and it goes without saying that it flies in the face of the pseudo-ethical (red) campaign they rolled out some time ago.


  1. Casey

    I *love* that quote about color!! Gosh, wish I had read that last spring when I was taking a color theory class; my teacher (who was quite a character) would’ve gotten a huge laugh out of that one! 🙂 So true though; that is one thing I have become more aware of is color’s relationship to other colors, the light sources, time of year–even our age! It’s a pretty interesting thing, imho.

    So hats are becoming hot, huh? I suspected they were going to make a revival. Frankly, I couldn’t be happier! I have always loved how elegant hats look, and have a very fledgling collection of vintage ones I’ve found at thrift shops and rummage sales. I need to break them out and wear them! 🙂

    Ugh. Gap. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. Gladys

    Great articles! Did you notice that in the Telegraph article on hats, she notes that “status bags are getting really boring”!! Another one happy to see the end of the “it” bags.

    Thank you for listing these!

  3. Bri

    Ooo… I loved that quote when I saw it too. And you certainly have readers in LA… we’re big fans of color here down south.

    Looking forward to meeting Lisa C. and seeing her work in person. It’s been a good season for SF artists in LA (and the opening is down the street from my house, no excuse…)

  4. jennifer

    ugh gap. banana republic is so a staple of my work fashion aesthetic, but i know they are no good for the world. i feel that i have so much soul searching to do.