(not so) random links

-i adore the idea of creating “fake” luxury bags, the idea of art and fashion melding in a devilishly conceptual way. artists and designers who have played with the idea of fake luxury include my friend and artist stephanie syjuco (of anti-factory fame) and her counterfeit crochet handbag project, zinoo park‘s FAKE 3-in-1 bag (available at poketo), and the lovely silkscreened totes by showpony that meld trompe l’oeil images of vintage bags with simple totes in the cleverest of ways.

-if you’re planning on being in/live in/near NYC and consider embroidery to be a valid medium to make art, check out the recently opened pricked: extreme embroidery, a show that’s on right now at the museum of art and design, conveniently located just across from the MOMA. MAD is the same museum that did the recent and popular exhibition some of you might be aware of, radical lace and subversive knitting that commenced earlier this year. the husband and i stopped by pricked whilst in NYC a few weeks back, and even his code-monkey-left-brained-self quite enjoyed it. if you do make it there, be sure to check out the work of andrea dezsö and nava lubelski…some of my favorites from the show.

-i agree with gala, being negative about/rating other people’s style is tired. such nasty behavior should be banished. instead, be positive and accepting! spread love, not hate by chiming in on gala’s thread about beloved aesthetics, i.e. what we FAVOR amongst the looks of other people. the whole thread gives me warm fuzzies…because i for one believe that kind behavior and positive interactions with the world can only beget kindness and positivity. give goodness, and you will get goodness back when it comes to matters of fashion and style, and obviously, far beyond.

-apparently the second-hand shopping in sweden is REALLY good? so says the international herald tribune, who posits that one of stockholm’s best kept secrets is it’s superb second-hand shopping. where’s my plane?! i’m so there (if only in my jet-set-stye, internationally-flavored thrifting fantasies)!!


  1. vasiliisa

    Oh I think the Söder area in Stockholm is lovely. I could live there… In fact, when I visited for a few days, several Swedes came to me ask for directions :D. However, IMO, it’s not such a cheap place to thrift. They say it’s cheaper than London which is probably true. But they can’t beat Helsinki 😉

  2. [a}

    thank you for linking that showpony page..it’s such a gorgeous discovery. trompe l’oeil on BAGS…whoda thunk it??

    i also LOVE that post of gala’s. reading all the comments is such love.

  3. Becky

    Heehee, those bag links are great. I tend to avoid designer bags like doubleknit polyester (ok, on my budget, make that the knockoff designer bags that you buy on street corners) because they just don’t excite me like the artsier bags that I and other people who sew can make. But I kind of like the subtle mockery in the crocheted ones, and especially on that tote bag.

    Also enjoyed reading gala’s post– quite refreshing, since the blogosphere leans far more often towards the snarky rants.

  4. Emilie

    They missed some of the best vintage stores in that article. Like Old Touch and it’s unnamed neighbour, Little Shop of Fashion, Life is Good and the countless hidden away gems in the not so trendy areas. Generally SoFo vintage shops are about 5-15% more expensive than similar shops in the rest of Stockholm.